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A traveling hotel, capable of settling upon any natural site, be it at the foot of the slopes, by the beach or on location for a sporting event or a festival. Introduced in 2017, the Flying Nest, a nomadic concept hotel designed by Ora ïto for Accor, has been revolutionizing the codes of the hotel industry: the hotel now comes to you. Lire la suite…



After the Nice tramway, Ora ïto signs the upcoming Marseille metro with Alstom, the installation of which is scheduled for 2024. With a straight front and a white body adorned with blue, these new trains represent the push towards non-motorized transport. Here, there is no need for aggressive aerodynamic lines, “The challenge is not speed, but peaceful movement, safety and energy saving” summarizes the designer. The new trains will consume 25% less thanks to electric braking, LED lighting and other optimizations. Lire la suite…



Ora ïto signs his first yatch for global leader Perini Navi. It comes as a natural encounter between the French designer of fluidity and the Italian builder who has revolutionized the construction of superyachts since 1983, increasing the living space on board while reducing the crew requirements. Innovation, minimalism and efficiency unite Ora ïto and Perini. Together they offer a new vision of the manufacturer’s iconic 56m flagship sailing yacht. “The starting point of our collaboration is the confrontation of my architectural and design approach with the philosophy of Perini Navi. I have always strived to reduce material and functions in favor of maximum efficiency. My drawing is very close to the constraints of a boat. On a 56m hull, living space becomes an obsession.” Lire la suite…



In the spring of 2017 Ora ïto received a telephone call from Marc Simoncini, the serial entrepreneur and founder of the well-known French online dating service, MeeticHe had an idea: “What if we created the best electric bike in the world?” Two years later, delivering on the promises of it creators, Angell is now available for pre-order. With a beautiful streamlined design, Angell bike is the archetype of the electric bicycle we were waiting for. Lire la suite…



Amalthée, Himalia and Elara like three satellites of Jupiter. Three rational organic shapes sculpted by Ora Ito into three mineral and sensual outbursts for domestic landscapes. The Satellites range is a limited edition and available in different types of marble. Lire la suite…


ORA-ÏTO - Escalier monumental à Paris

Ora Ito has designed new offices for LVMH’s media division that is home to Le Parisien and Les Echos at 10 Grenelle in the 15th district of Paris. This bright unit spans 4 floors and is penetrated by a soaring, stunning staircase. Lire la suite…



Ora Ito is responsible for the architectural and interior design of the new Yooma hotel concept with the complicity of Daniel Buren. Located on the Front de Seine with the Eiffel Tower very close by, the building, designed by Ora Ito and permeated by Daniel Buren, summarises the unique setting provided by this Parisian district with its twenty or so towers, typical of the seventies, extending over a paved area. A cinegenic landscape of aluminium and concrete (Wim Wenders, Henri Verneuil, Michel Gondry and Claude Lelouch filmed here), primary materials that the two creators have embraced in reconstructing this former office building at the invitation of Pierre Beckrich, the instigator of Yooma and a great admirer of Le Corbusier’s vision. Cité Radieuse designed like a vertical village is the link between the instigator/promoter and the designer. Yooma just like huma-nity, a neologism that summarises the hotel’s concept for communal living with a family-oriented and user-friendly response to Airbnb.


Ora Ito has added a floor to the existing structure and all one hundred and six rooms levitate over a fully glazed lobby. Timeless aluminium adds shape to and sheaths the building for it to blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Like something out of Transformers, this architecture, inspired by neighbouring structures, is ready to come to life and stretch its softly curved metal limbs.


Daniel Buren has projected a deep blue throughout the hotel following a specific framework. This injection of colour structures the building. Graphic brilliance lends rhythm to the lobby and corridors before demarcating the façade. Daniel Buren carves out the façade’s empty and full volumes with the blue colour and the iconic black and white stripes, providing the artist’s greatest permanent intervention in Paris since Palais-Royal.


With Yooma, Daniel Buren and Ora Ito have invented a vibrant architecture like the still frame of a transformation: the explosive renovation of the Front de Seine that began in 2005 will be complete when Yooma opens in 2017. Each creator expresses themselves in equal measure in this meaningful dialogue between art and architecture.


The bedrooms designed by Ora Ito respond to space, privacy and user-friendly requirements in this hotel for couples, families or groups of friends, at the best possible price. The designer offers a visual and sensual journey towards privacy in several stages. Exposed concrete guides the guests in the entrances and corridors to the rooms, like an architectural extension of the exterior. Once in the rooms, solid colours such as red, green, blue and yellow welcome visitors to the communal living area. This culminates in an ultimate degree of privacy: pods envisaged by the designer have wood-panelled ceilings like welcoming little cabins. These pods are mini-structures on a mezzanine that can be closed using sliding wall systems. Each one has a storage shelf, a lamp, two USB sockets and a traditional electric socket. They are connected yet private. Aficionados will recognise the spirit of Mondrian in the graphics, Charlotte Perriand’s functional precision and Ora Ito’s subtle and rational simple design features.


From a small bottle of perfume for Guerlain to the fairing of the Nice tramway, Ora Ïto imprints his signature futuristic vision on projects small and large. In 2013, he created the MAMO, a center for the arts on the roof-terrace of the mythical Cité Radieuse designed by Le Corbusier in Marseille. A space in the sky, historic and contemporary, with a 360° view that sums up his pas- sion for levitation and lightness. “Defying the laws of gravity creates sensations that go beyond aesthetics.” In this lo- cation he exhibits the greatest contemporary artists, from Xavier Veilhan to Jean-Pierre Raynaud. In 2016, five iconic pieces of his work came into the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou. A lover of contemporary art, he works in the tradition of Le Corbusier whom he greatly admires, always trying to purify his drawing to the maximum.


Known all over the world, the work of Daniel Buren, born in the Hauts de Seine in 1938, has made him the contemporary French artist who is both the most controversial and the most famous of our time. Through his installations in public areas, galleries or museums, he always offers viewers an opportunity to rediscover a place in a different way. His way. This “in situ” creator (he originated the use of this term in art) has been called upon for the greatest projects, from the Venice Biennale, where he won the Golden Lion in 1986 for the French Pavilion, to the Monumenta exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2012. Buren was attracted by Yooma’s concept and so became involved for the first time with a work of this magnitude in a hospitality project.

106 rooms and a capacity to welcome 434 guests. At Yooma, 80% of the areas are equipped to host 4 to 6 people. This is an innovation in the capital. Although we haven’t forgotten young couples in love, with 30 double rooms available. Whether for solo or duo travelers, families or groups of friends, each room is equipped with free TV and high speed wifi. Each room has a bathroom with a rain- shower. The bedding is luxury hotel quality, the pillow- cases are embroidered. High-end hospitality for beautiful nights.




Ora Ito and marble specialist Citco will unveil Venus chair next month during Milan furniture fair. Over the last 20 years, 1997-2017, Ora Ito has constructed a sensual and rational expression of volumes adapted to suit each function. This sculpted chaise longue, Venus, is part of his DNA. A Venus with imperious vivacity that is disconcertingly asymmetrical. This is a celebration of drawing in space by a visual designer who digitally sculpts marble, centimetre by centimetre, with amazing dynamic precision. The best of the Italian craft industry meets streamlined vitality. Lire la suite…


3_CASSINA_Ico chair_Ora Ito_new colour

Cassina presents new finish for Ico chair during IMM Cologne this week. Ico has enshrined Ora ïto in the legendary heritage of Cassina alongside Ico Parisi, Gio Ponti, Gaetano Pesce, Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola. The Italian manufacturer makes its unique know-how, at the exact point of equilibrium between craft and industry, available to designers and architects with the ability to redefine the borders between style and experimentation. Thanks to an on-going exchange with the Cassina workshop for over three years, Ora ïto outlines a new, elegantly refined archetypal comfort. Lire la suite…



For the 7th edition of AD Intérieurs, Ora Ito and Daniel Buren have joined forces to dazzle the Monnaie de Paris until 18th September. The two partners have arranged interplaying mirrors and taut lines to maximise their 20m2 exhibition area creating a monumental effect with minimal resources. This year the editors of AD magazine asked interior designers to establish a decor around collections of objects they care about. “Rather than a traditional cabinet of curiosities, they’re asked to arrange bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or studies, with the idea of living surrounded by personal treasures.” Lire la suite…