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Throughout the month of December Gallery S. Bensimon invites Cléo Charuet to present her collection called C5A7: Cléo from 5 to 7 o’ clock ( a tribute to famous French movie by Agnès Varda), as these ceramics by Cléo Charuet are created out of hours. From 9 to 5 she is an artistic director, graphic designer and film director. No doubt you would recognize her much remarked upon and acclaimed product redesigns for Monoprix that are now part of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques collection.  Lire la suite…


LA Une bis

With Morocco! I wanted to talk about the Morocco that I love. The Kasbah neighbourhood in Marrakech, the one in Tangiers, both dilapidated, cultivated and sophisticated, a resourcefulness that complements the subtlest know-how. The memory of Morocco in the 1950s, flea markets, metal garden furniture perforated with Mashrabiya made in Casablanca, granite floors, the geometry and the architecture of the Medina, cement tiles…” As always José Lévy transcribes the atmosphere through a family of objects: mirrors, tables, cement tiling and seats. Between fiction and personal memories, this take on Beldi (the heart and soul of traditional Moroccan know-how) draws from a very Parisian world, very graphic so that none of the cultures remain immune. We are reminded of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Bowles, Burroughs and many others, struck by this country with a lifestyle so close and so far removed from ours. José Lévy effortlessly digests these codes to create others and conversely. A kindred country with whom there are many shared recollections. Corinne Bensimon splits her time living and working in Paris and Marrakech with some of the best craftsmen in the Marrakech region. She distributes her collection in her boutique in the Haut-Marais.

Informations : www.joselevy.fr

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