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Lounge Chair Campaign Shots 5

After just two years in operation, Handvark is now recognised as a major player on the new Danish design scene and unveils its first seat, the Lounge Chair, by Emil Thorup, designer and founder of the brand producing stark and durable furnishings. (more…)


Diamond Residence designed by Bestor Architecture. Shot by Laure Joliet 2016

Mike D of the Beastie Boys enlisted architect Barbara Bestor to devise a haven that celebrates the best of California living. On a large, flat property in Point Dume with a lawn that stretches to a fruit orchard Mike D discovered ramshackle structures (a three-bedroom house with a few loosely connected guest cottages) in need of repair. His goal, rather than tear down the buildings, was to unite and logically connect what had become a hodgepodge of nondescript buildings. (more…)

0808 Arum2 HD

Following Paris and Tokyo, its Los Angeles’ turn to celebrate the anniversary of the Vase d’Avril at Please Do Not Enter, as of the 25th of July. Two exceptional tribute pieces, signed by the architects Ball & Nogues and the designer Eddy Sykes, offer an Angeleno remake of the iconic vase of Tsé & Tsé, celebrating its 25 years of success. New fashion, design and art venue, situated in burgeoning Downtown LA, Please Do Not Enter is a concept store at the heart of LA’s cutting edge district. Founded in 2014 by Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird, the store has rapidly become a key venue for amateurs searching for exclusive pieces. Garnering attention as soon as they opened with the remarquable open-air intervention by Vincent Lamouroux, completely whitewashing a disused Silver Lake motel. (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign) Ever since, Please Do Not Enter has regularly created a buzz with its high standard editorial line. (more…)


DomesticLandscape D.FAUSTINO © David Boureau 6971

With the project Domestic Landscape 2.0 by Didier Fiúza Faustino, KÖR Vienna is once again transforming Vienna’s Graben into an art space and meeting place. The installed urban furniture made of blue-painted steel invites those passing by to see this public space as open for their own personal use. (more…)



The Centre Pompidou Boutique has invited smarin to unveil the Schaise exclusively until September 4, 2017 as part of the retrospective exhibition devoted to the work of David Hockney at the Centre Pompidou. 



When unveiling the small radical lamp signed Rudy Ricciotti during the last biennale of Courtrai (Kortrijk), Federico Palazzari, CEO of NEMO, fortold “A collection needs informal products, that scratch a little in the beginning but which gain a patina over time, a little like a cashmere jumper or a pair of jeans that you will never throw away even when they are used down to their last thread”. (more…)



For its second anniversary, Atelier Relief presents « Élévation », a dialogue of forms between 5 photographers from June 17th to November 11th 2017. A series of extreme-reliefs, photos of building facades, stairs, high-built motorways and flyovers, a look upon the soaring constructions of mankind, where the volume of reliefs echo the volume of the structures themselves. (more…)



To present  her film in an exhibition hall, on the occasion of Documenta 14, Narimane Mari meets Stephanie Marin, from June 10 to September 17, inside the Ballhaus in Kassel, former residence of Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon.  (more…)



Small and large Borne Béton are now available for public. Borne Béton is a concrete lamp that was designed by Le Corbusier in 1952 for the Projet Unité d’Habitation de Marseille (Housing Unit) and for the Bhakra Dam and Sukhna Dam in India. On production by NEMO, the light is now available for both indoor and outdoor use in two sizes: a large floor lamp model and a small table lamp model. Both models use LEDs. (more…)


_DSC4782 def

Following the success of her book release «Les Françaises» (Rizzoli International Publications) in Paris two months ago, Atelier Relief is pleased to present an exhibition of the work by French photographer Sonia Sieff. (more…)