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Amalthée, Himalia and Elara like three satellites of Jupiter. Three rational organic shapes sculpted by Ora Ito into three mineral and sensual outbursts for domestic landscapes. The Satellites range is a limited edition and available in different types of marble. (more…)


ok Matter Made - MMXVII - Fuorisalone 2Matter Made, the design brand by Matter, New York based gallery, will be showcased by Triode starting on 16th of November, with a private vernissage. Matter was founded in 2003, and quickly became recognized as an innovative furniture design store, later becoming the editor of Matter Made brand, which maintains the same high standards of quality and innovation the gallery became known for. Its founder, Jamie Gray, has always strived to be a key actor in contemporary American design. He curates, sells, organises events and exchanges, and also designs lighting and furniture. To have the same quality within both of these realms of design is rare” explains Jacques Barret of Triode.




For Performa 17 (New York), François Dallegret’s provocative, unrealized structure initially designed to challenge architecture is brought to life for the first time by architect François Perrin, setting it free to roam around the city and host public dance workshops with choreographer Dimitri Chamblas. (more…)



The Balise collection alone sums up the DNA of Atelier de Troupe: the collision of eras with the passion for 20th century furniture! Balise hybrids the 60s and the irreverence of Jean Royère, with his opal glass globe, hanging from a brass or metallic arm. Graphic and luxurious, Balise is one of the creators best selling objects. It exists as a wall lamp or as a suspended chandelier. (more…)


Bloomboom Geneviève

The small French production company newcomer Bloomboom unveils its first collection of graphic pop lamps, deliberately going against the trend for brass, wood and marble combinations. Ten fun models are available in bright and simple designs: crisp black and white graphics or plain colours. Create an imaginary and poetic interior garden with this range featuring Forex (expanded PVC) petals hand-sculpted in Paris. (more…)


200x200 cmFrom November the 16th until January the 27th, Z Gallery Art has the pleasure of exhibiting ‘Intellectual Concerns’, a new solo show by artist Khaled Alkani. The 42 year old Syrian painter will present a series of paintings which have an unscathed expressionist force, as described by French art critic Christian Noorbergen “Khaled Alkhani’s searing abstraction contrasts with the figurative appearance of a head. It dominates the earth-ridden melee and is deprived of the ordinary vehicle of skin. Focal point of the painting, it has lived through every disaster”. (more…)


iteo1 copie.jpeg

For his first solo show at MAMOThéodore Fivel presents his series Alpha, originating from his large ensemble of works, Charges. Alpha shapes a dialog with the Mediterranean sea. This series refers to Tethys, primitive ocean, slowly dismantled by the drift of continents, maritime myth of waves engulfed in the origins of the world. It is a source of inspiration for the artist’s futurist mental projections, as if he were redrawing the sea and its depth, as if Tethys were hiding in us and carried inside the sediments of salvation from all waters of our planet.

Charges is a large molar ensemble which sublimes nature in an alchemy of strangeness, smoothing the frontier between sculpture and painting. The shapes are carved in wood and then covered with multiple layers of paint charged with different minerals and slivers of material that the artist then remodels. From this technique emerge polychromous sculptures of shifing materiality, almost incandescent. The compositions of colorful precipitates give birth to a reflection on abstraction and the components of any work of art, its materiality and the context of its exhibition.

A first glance, Théodore Fivel’s work evokes geology: figurations of deserted spaces, minerals, plants, chunks of earth immerged at the bottom of our seas, unknown islands, fragments of mountains – an entire cartography, both hypnotical and anamorphic, of faraway planets, futuristic or primitive. Observed through a topographical prism, they become heretopias – utopian spaces which the artist gives life to. But that it is only a first glance. what Théodore Fivel truly represents are pure abstractions, of anisotropic nature.

He thinks the shape, and captures it, making it new to the eye, to the touch, to the sensation. To elaborate these new thoughts, a new language is required, similarly to Martin Heidegger’s holzweg, these forest tracks meant to lead nowhere, but whose hitherto unseen structures signal new worlds.

Théodore Fivel “Tethys” 

From 4th november to 4th february 2018


Centre d’art
de la Cité Radieuse
280 Boulevard Michelet
13008 Marseille, France
+33 1 42 46 00 09

Free entrance

Métro Ligne 2
Arrêt : Rond-point du Prado
Bus lignes 21, 22, 22S et 521
Arrêt : Le Corbusier



ORA-ÏTO - Escalier monumental à Paris

Ora Ito has designed new offices for LVMH’s media division that is home to Le Parisien and Les Echos at 10 Grenelle in the 15th district of Paris. This bright unit spans 4 floors and is penetrated by a soaring, stunning staircase. (more…)



As one of the five off-site galleries presented during the second edition of Photo Brussels Festival, taking place from the 17th of November to the 20th of January 2018, Atelier Relief will be exhibiting a selection of photographers specialised in portraiture, overarching theme of this year’s festival. The founder of Atelier Relief, Farid Issa, will transform photographs by Karel Fonteyne, Nagib Chtaib, Ismael Moumin, Serge Leblon andDavid Uzochukwu into 3D images. “Worked on as a flat surface, upon large tables, studied and cut-out, divided into strips, into sections, these portraits take form along their defining lines. The relief instils movement, the image becomes an island, a projection drawing in the eye.” describes Farid Issa. (more…)


Schindler Furniture_-195-Editok

For the parisian exhibition Triode Goes West, Pamela Shamshiri pays tribute to the Austrian architect Rudolph Schindler, a symbolic hallmark of mid-century modern Los Angeles. This is a logical choice, as since 2004 Pamela Shamshiri has also designed with the multidisciplinary studio Commune, several iconic buildings for contemporary Los Angeles like the Ace Hotel Downtown LA, as well as in Palm Springs. The co-founder of Studio Commune is now standing on her own feet to produce top-notch residences and hotels. (more…)