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Prego_Sam Baron_ENOstudio_2017

From the 20thof September to the 4thof December 2018 the VIA will present a commission of NellyRodi with original scenography by Döppel Studio showcasing a 360° view of motifs and furniture. An exhibition aimed at decrypting the resurgence of patterns, the invasion of floral or geometric forms from clothes to wallpaper, as well as the unavoidable presence of drawing, from materials to the structure of the furniture itself. (more…)



For their first Parisian solo show, David Brognon Stéphanie Rollin will present « Call (809) 610 – WAIT », a new series of works, at the untilthen gallery as of the 8thof September 2018. Installation, sculpture, photos and straw marquetry embark us upon a peculiar kind of time travel, one where the act of waiting keeps us hanging in a state of limbo. This very subject has become an obsession for both artists. Since 2008 David Brognon and Séphanie Rollin have built an impressive corpus dedicated to time, its measure, its passing, its meanders and dead-ends. “The world is a waiting room. As of our birth we are trapped on a timeline where death is the natural yet unpredictable outcome, give or take a few years. Our daily activities are but a mere artifice aimed at cheating the waiting game. Our works are always a description of this wait between hope, resignation and impatience. Yet, the languor of the wait is also the impassioned state where movement begins. A gestation before the birth of action.” (more…)



Since 2013, Ateliers Zelij has built a bridge between traditional Moroccan zellige tile-work and contemporary architecture. The geometric rigor of patterns combined with the soft irregularity of surfaces and shades of color have made of these antique glazed and chiseled clay tiles a must-have in decoration. The zellige tile-work installation, which Hermes chose to put on display at their art de vivre stand in Milan, is but one example. Artist and designer, Samir Mazer born in Tetouan Morocco, reinvents new patterns and new formats on a daily basis with Delphine Laporte from within their Toulouse based studio. A complementary partnership, both at work and at home, has made this a duo key figure of the zellige revival. (more…)



The sensual geometry of the Sitio pieces by Atelier de Troupe recall Robert Mallet–Stevens, or perhaps is it Schindler or Sornet? The hallmarks of the masters of modernism have pervaded our psyche, merging into one to present one and the same experience, a lifestyle when we believed in futur as a promess. Sitio collection offers an armchair, daybed and table designed with precise, minimalist and inviting lines in oak, blackened oak or walnut. (more…)



Didier Fiuza Faustino unveiled XYZ, his very first lounge, bar and restaurant for Zebrastraat conference center in Ghent (Belgium) “The XYZ Lounge is an intersection, a space where paths meet. It is the central point for exchanges between the visitors of the conference center of Zebrastraat in Ghent. It questions the contemporary notions of conviviality and physicality. During a time where social, sexual, and gender identities are upturned and questioned, how may one provide a space which is both neutral and sensual, a space free from social markers, without tailoring to a singular identity?” summarizes Didier Faustino. (more…)



Estudio Persona just unveiled Flow collection at ICFF may 20-23 in New York.  Flow evolved from the natural juxtaposition of how the two designers think about space ans sculptural material in contrast to the soft lines of nature. materialized in both furniture (sofa, stool and table) and lighting (sconce), the collection looks for light in darkness and for softness in harsh steel and glass. Flow is in constant movement, the folding and unfolding of shapes as they grow and evolve into enduring forms and shadows pinpointed by the absence of color. (more…)



Atelier de Troupe unveiled Kyoto sconces during last ICFF fair in New York. Kyoto is a unique outdoor/indoor lamp collection. Sand cast in bronze, brass and aluminum, the sconces are hand made sculptures that melt into the elements and are also wet proof. Based in Los Angeles, Atelier de Troupe is a creative studio founded by former film-set designer Gabriel Abraham. Since 2011, he has summarized the imaginary décor of the 20th century, creating lamps and furniture with an immediately evocative power.  Atelier de Troupe conceives modern antiques with timeless charm, diving into the grammar of Bauhaus, of 60s Italian cinema or of French decorative spirit. (more…)


42-2018 Biennale de Melle - Photo. Origins Studio

Upon the invitation of  David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin, Robert Samuel is waiting in the church of Saint-Savinien for the 8th Melle Biennial in France.   In 2012 Robert Samuel invented a new profession: the line sitter, waiting in line for others. The Same Ole Line Dudes team, as he named his company, stand in lines all throughout New York for impatient consumers who lust after the new IPhone or for front-row seats to a show but don’t want the inconvenience and hassle of a cue which can sometimes last several days. By filling a contemporary need, Robert Samuel has become a new benchmark to measure time.  (more…)



Secret d’Atelier unveils his new collection  ”Bois Brûlé”  inspired by the Japanese ancestral technique Shou-sugi ban. The advantage of this technique is that it protects the wood naturally by carbonization. The wooden boards are placed on a bed of ember for about ten minutes. The craftsman will then clean each board to rid it of coal residues, water it before letting dry and coat it with oil to complete the finish. The boards are perfectly protected against UV, weather and insects and become absolutely immune due to the resistant surface. (more…)


Showroom 3D by WAOLab

This coming 7thof June, guests of the Triode gallery will be equipped with a previously unheard of accessory at a design preview: A virtual reality headset. Jacques Barret, the founder of Triode, will inaugurate the virtual extension of his Parisian address, a first in the contemporary furniture scene. A 120 m2 classical Parisian apartment within which architects are invited to wander to discover the American design which the gallery showcases. “I am in love with our address on the rue Jacob which is both intimate and central yet the small size of the space sometimes prevents us from showing monumental pieces, forcing us to make choices with regards to the brands which we decide to put at the forefront” explains Jacques Barret. “I therefore sought after creating a virtual space for architects, an entirely digital family apartment within which they may walk around and change a chandelier or wallpaper at the click of a button. It is mind blowing. We may place all of the American creators and brands for Parisians to discover!” summarizes Jacques Barret. (more…)