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Zidoun-Bossuyt gallery is pleased to announce the first exhibition of British artist Danny Fox. The history of Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, where Danny Fox works and which informs Blood Spots on Apple Flesh, pivots on the stories of migrants. Formerly an agricultural center, the 54-block area was transformed by railroads in the 1870s, becoming a hub for recent arrivals with its brothels, bars, and seedy hotels. Throughout the twentieth century, the district welcomed those displaced by the currents of history. (more…)



Secret d’Atelier, the high-end collection of parquet floor of the Compagnie Française du Parquet, is now offering a range based on the iconic pallet of colours conceived by Le Corbusier. Architectural Polychromy is an infinitely combinable range of colours first developed by the French-Swiss architect upon wallpapers in 1931 and further broadened in 1959. 63 shades of colour exist and may be combined as either neutral or intense associations. Today, Secret d’Atelier proposes a collection of 11 colours: Black Ivory, Ruby, Orange, Cerulean Blue 31, Light Grey 59, Light Natural Shadow, Light Grey 31, Dark Grey 59, Light English Green, Vermilion Red 31 and Burnt Sienna 31. (more…)



Minimal, slender and graceful, Tempo brings rhythm to a space in the form of a chandelier or wall lamp. With Tempo, Atelier de Troupe signs a lamp that brings a heightened sense of elegance through a play with light and empty space. Curves and straight lines embrace each other with geometrical connectors. Visual rhythm and repetition effortlessly occupy large. Tempo exists in satin brass or black brass editions; the glass is blown and frosted.  (more…)


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Danish brand Handvark just unveiled the Mantle chair designed by Iskos-Berlin during Maison & Objet fair. Like a mantle thrown over the simple chair frame to make it comfortable, still keeping the print of the person, who just left it… And now it stays waiting for you to host you, to cuddle you. Mantle chair is a perfect design by danish tandem everybody remembers as Komplot design now working with their own names.  (more…)


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Initiated in 2014, The Unmanned is a long-term project by Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni in the form of a series composed of three seasons. This vast epic, while mimicking the classic form of a great narrative, offers a history of technique that is not one of instruments and tools to serve human production, but a history of man himself as a technological production. From this reversal – and ourselves as artifacts – gradually emerges, throughout the series, an image of history as the unlimited form of our own uprooting. (more…)



Estudio Persona, a simple name for two volcanic personalities: Emiliana Gonzalez, an industrial designer and Jessie Young, a conceptual artist. This Uruguayan duo has been living in Los Angeles since 2014. Their two separate visions of the object happily contend with each other on a daily basis. A discussion flows between functionality and sculpture, product and narrative, in order to create furniture that speaks both to space and to the body. Should an object appeal first to the eye or to the function it holds? This eternal design debate is invited on a daily basis into their Angelino art-district-based studio. It is the foundation from which they draw and produce their collection, inspired by Uruguayan culture, far from the exuberantly colorful Latino cliché. (more…)


Paris (II)

Early Belgian street artist, The Plug, contemporary to Zevs, the Invader and Banksy, is returning to the scene. This time around his attention no longer switched on to urban interventions, his playful project aims at a deconsecration of street art. “Lego is the epitome of childhood and of boys who refuse to grow up. Friends of mine began having children of their own and to welcome these new little friends, I started creating mini personalized graffiti tags as gifts. The Lego wall or the small train wagon are urban without being part of conventional urban culture, where street artists, baseball caps and skate boards are all appropriated by the mass. I enjoy this distance that allows street art to not take itself for art”. An immediate success amongst his friends, each birthday saw an order for a personalized Lego wall or train placed, to the extent to which The Plug decided to reactivate his presence online on Instagram (@__carne_asada__) and in the city, exclusively at Nous at 48 rue Cambon, the brand new concept store opened by former members of Colette crew. (more…)



From 2018 forward, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture’s Fitzpatrick-Leland House in Laurel Canyon will play host to a series of ongoing design-centric exhibitions and programming, kicking off with Pin-up: A Designed Tribute to Schindler’s L.A. This show brings together four Los Angeles-based designers and one artist around the Austrian-born California modernist architect R.M. Schindler: Atelier de Troupe, led by Gabriel AbrahamBrendan RavenhillPamela Shamshiri with John Williams; and long-time Schindler advocates Marmol Radziner. The Fitzpatrick-Leland House (1936) was originally commissioned by developer Clifton Fitzpatrick as a spec house (a real estate promotion to attract buyers to the new housing tracts in Laurel Canyon). Schindler’s now classically modernist design established the area as a common ground for L.A.’s cultural and political avant-garde, and the house continues to inspire today’s thriving creative community. (more…)



Exclusively made-to-measure, the French architect Nicolas Dahan signs an impressive display of design integrated within a 450m2 two-story apartment. A secret is shared with every footstep taken; curves and edges slide towards each other, disappearing into worlds of varnish, marble, wood, coloured mirrors and pastel. An inestimable residence where the ceiling is a luminous work of art itself: an incandescent surface evading all signs of light source, enhancing its own beauty with a filter of natural light. (more…)



The graphic design studio SUPERO unveils a collection of calendars and notepads to organize your time in 2018. Applying the rigor of Swiss typography at its best, the studio combines both precision and originality. The team, who has made the superlative its signature, is one of the greatest ambassadors of the timelessness and rigor of Swiss style. “To be in fashion is easy, to be relevant for a decade is much more interesting to us. Swiss style is at the basis of contemporary graphic design. It is like a bible that we play with, instilling micro-shifts to create identities and objects which are both urban and durable,” describes the duo formed by Jennifer Sunier and Samuel Perroud. (more…)