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GRAN-010_Frigidaire Kittys

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery has the pleasure to welcome the French artist Louis Granet for his first solo show at the gallery from 28 June until 7 September 2019. The art of Louis Granet can be read as the metaphor of the itinerary of the painter. Louis Granet develops a technique and a construction in his work rooted in the art of comic illustration. His practice of the comic acquires a whole new dimension on the canvas.




Tom Hancocks‘s LOOP lamp for Atelier de Troupe was inspired by the California design firm’s existing ethos, says Tom, conveying classical design, while still feeling recognizable and contemporary. ”The design process was smooth and stimulating, as I didn’t have to defer much from the continued sculptural studies of my own work – basic Euclidean point, line, and form relationships. But figuring out how to make sure it expressed the same functionality and personality of the other pieces it would be presented with. And most importantly, creating something I would want in my own living space.


Based in Los Angeles, Atelier de Troupe is a creative studio founded by former film-set designer Gabriel Abraham. Since 2011, he has summarized the imaginary décor of the 20th century, creating lamps and furniture with an immediately evocative power.  Atelier de Troupe conceives modern antiques with timeless charm, diving into the grammar of Bauhaus, of 60s Italian cinema or of French decorative spirit.


Loop lamp by Tom Hancocks for Atelier de Troupe

W 12.5in (32cm) x D 12.5in (32cm) x H 18 in (45.5cm)

Black cloth cord and hand switch



MARCH2018 shoot_-25.jpeg

The Globe Series by Emil Thorup for Handvark was inspired by the Bauhaus movement, where form follows function and The Globe Series embraces every element in a lighting fixture. Where many other designs go to great lengths to hide the electrical cord, the cords are a piece of the design, adding a much anticipated organic and feminine touch to the black coated steel frame and the balancing mouth blown grey glass globes. As a family of both a chandelier and floor lamp, the Globe Series is a versatile lighting series for both residential and commercial use. (more…)



After l’Alcazar and the brasserie d’Auteuil, Laura Gonzalez calls once again upon the savoir faire of the Ateliers Zelij for the decoration of La Gare, a 600m2 restaurant of Mediterranean and Latin inspiration, found in the reconverted Passy-la-Muette station in the Paris 16th district. Opened to travellers in 1864, the station connected the Gare Saint-Lazare to Auteuil via the old Petite Ceinture railroad. (more…)



For their 2019 collection, Atelier de Troupe plunges into 70′s Neo-Noir Hollywood. Gabriel Abraham, a former set designer, imagines Coda chair and Nuage Z lighting for a character in the likes of Philip Marlowe in Robert Altman‘s “The Long Goodbye”. Chromed tubular forms woven with leather or fused with glass compose a captivating and elegant collection, creating a nostalgic cocktail, A de T’s manifest since 2012. (more…)




The Kuntzel + Deygas tandem is part of the discrete aristocracy of French visual creators whose work is known by the entire world: the opening credits to Steven Spielberg’s Catch me if you can, the iconic La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain character, the MiCha Lamp (sold at Bon Marché) and the two existential Italian dogs Cap & Pep whose adventures livened up the days of Colette and Vogue Japan. Since 1988 Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas have created characters and objects who live adventures in different worlds: cinema, fashion, luxury and music. (more…)



From the 28thof May until the 15thof June, Kuntzel + Deygas present Articulationat the Joyce gallery (Paris, 1stdistrict), an exhibition of drawings, objects and music revolving around movement and dialogue. Poster-drawings, storyboard inks, anthropomorphic speakers and soundtracks all converse and join together to compose the outline for an imaginary film sketched out by Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas. Two great sound and image creators, to whom we owe among others, since 1988, the opening titles for Steven Spielberg’s Catch me if you can, the iconic La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain character, the MiCha Lamp (sold at Bon Marché) or the two existential Italian dogs Cap & Pep whose adventures livened up the days of Colette and Vogue Japan. (more…)


Retouch by: Wetouch Imagework

The Daybed by Emil Thorup, made in Denmark, is the crown jewel of HANDVÄRK’s debut collection. Uncompromising on material, style and craftsmanship, the piece is produced by hand in HANDVÄRK’s workshop and covered in velvet-smooth aniline leather by a local Danish upholsterer. The sleek black frame adds the Nordic essence. Each daybed is meticulously made to order, and can be finished in custom leather or fabric if desired. (more…)



The Ateliers Zelij are pursuing their tranquil revolution of the traditional zellige tile with « Limited », a collection of 12 patterns available in stock! 12 best sellers ready for swift delivery to France and internationally, mixing exclusive designs by Samir Mazer with more basic formats. (more…)



Paul McCobb (1917-1969) was one of the leading contemporary furniture designers on the American design scene in the 1950s and 1960s. Over a timespan of twenty years he designed an impressive range of furniture, accessories and textiles which made him the bestselling furniture name for years in America. Since his early death in 1969 his designs have not been in production, but are now making their way back to the market in collaboration with world leading manufacturers. Fritz Hansen and Karakter Copenhagen launched pieces from Paul McCobb during Salone del Mobile 2018 and many more has been launched in Milan this year again by De Padova (photo above) Fritz Hansen, Karakter Copenhagen, Schwinn Originals and Made a Mano.