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For his 10th anniversary, eliumstudio is happy to reveal new photos by Felipe Ribon of “Antic biotec” vinegar maker designed together with duende studio. Traditional, ancestral, delicious and easy to obtain, the future looks bright for homemade vinegar. On invitation from Duende Studio, eliumstudio reconsiders the vinaigrier (vinegar maker), an accessory found in country kitchens which promises a city revival shortly. With its rustic aspect vinegar is one of the very first biotechnology applications developed by man using acetic bacteria to change wine into a completely new product.



With 6 exhibitions, a marketplace for designers, a conference and ‘off’ fringe events, the second Design City will take over the Mudam and the city of Luxembourg from 13th April to 3rd June 2012. This year the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg, partner and exacting driver of design since its creation in 2006, is thus inviting the public to question the strategic value of this discipline at a very prevalent time when master craftsmanship, production and industry is faced with a massive relocation of skills which is little by little draining our societies of their industrial fabric. A blend of stylistic, functional and societal exploration, Design City draws up a vibrant portrait of contemporary creation and the questions raised.


Invited to design a knuckle-duster by duende studio, Didier Faustino has landed the Chip’N Dale project produced with support from the Fonderie Dacheville-Nicol presented at the Galerie Filomena Soares in Lisbon until 10th March 2012. Two knuckle-dusters are linked by a fine aluminium membrane waiting to be broken. These momentarily harmless weapons in close contact are the point of contact between two bodies. (more…)


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance just launched Bamby chair for the brand new french design company Marcel By “Bamby questions the visual perception of furniture. Face on, it’s a classical and welcoming chair with a solid wood structure firmly planted on the ground and an upholstered seat. From another viewpoint, Bamby reveals a slender and ethereal profile with tilted rear feet which suspend the seat in the air; a leaf delicately placed upon a dynamic structure.


The German publisher Gestalten will publish a book on 15th February about Mathieu Lehanneur’s career and inspirations. Within it the designer unveils the other side of the coin, his intellectual and visual approach. This book is atypical through its revelation of the path leading to the finished product: the book gathers photos which inspired, sketches, photos of processes, objects in context and immerses the reader into the very heart of the designer’s studio. (more…)


First installed at the The Sezz Hotel St. Tropez, Emeco is pleased to present a collection of designed aluminum chairs, stools and swivel chairs entitled Sezz by French designer Christophe Pillet. Known for works that meditate on notions of time as well as the esthetic and illustrative memory, Pillet brings these themes together in five pieces: A series of timeless, handmade recycled aluminum chairs and stools manufactured at the Emeco factory in Pennsylvania US.“The Sezz chair is a little story about Emeco and what Emeco has become, the capacity of the best of the best. It is a specific story, an interpretation of the Emeco way,“ says Pillet. “ When I sit in a Sezz chair it makes me feel happy. Christophe combined our craftsmanship, material, and unique process to create a new modern icon,” said Gregg Buchbinder, CEO at Emeco. (more…)


At the International CES, the general public Mecca for consumer technology which took place in Las Vegas from 10th to 13th January, two connected objects designed by eliumstudio again won two prestigious awards: the CES Innovation Award 2012 for the connected baby-scale with Withings and the CES Best Innovation Award 2012 for the Invoxia telephone. Two new products which ensue from marketing the Smart Baby Monitor and the Withings tensiometer in 2011 and make eliumstudio the best specialist today for these connected products which mark the start to a new era of lightness and intelligence in the mass market. (more…)


Galerie Gosserez presents the hybrid “Jean-Jean” shelving unit by the young trio Numéro 111. Two units with different sizes and wood species are placed side by side to form a piece of furniture to be used as required, a paradoxical format on the verge of tumbling, simply bound by two thumbscrews which allow it to subtly become one. (more…)



Accurate work on volume and proportion, excessive yet specific expression, clean lines or figurative exploration: Alina Alamorean’s art is not looking to adorn anyone but steers wholly towards sculpture, reflecting her professed fascination for Constantin Brancusi, Ron Arad, Frank Gehry or Frank Lloyd Wright.  (more…)


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s collection 2011 for Fasem is now available.  (more…)