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At the International CES, the general public Mecca for consumer technology which took place in Las Vegas from 10th to 13th January, two connected objects designed by eliumstudio again won two prestigious awards: the CES Innovation Award 2012 for the connected baby-scale with Withings and the CES Best Innovation Award 2012 for the Invoxia telephone. Two new products which ensue from marketing the Smart Baby Monitor and the Withings tensiometer in 2011 and make eliumstudio the best specialist today for these connected products which mark the start to a new era of lightness and intelligence in the mass market. (more…)


Galerie Gosserez presents the hybrid “Jean-Jean” shelving unit by the young trio Numéro 111. Two units with different sizes and wood species are placed side by side to form a piece of furniture to be used as required, a paradoxical format on the verge of tumbling, simply bound by two thumbscrews which allow it to subtly become one. (more…)



Accurate work on volume and proportion, excessive yet specific expression, clean lines or figurative exploration: Alina Alamorean’s art is not looking to adorn anyone but steers wholly towards sculpture, reflecting her professed fascination for Constantin Brancusi, Ron Arad, Frank Gehry or Frank Lloyd Wright.  (more…)


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s collection 2011 for Fasem is now available.  (more…)


For his first individual exhibition, Adrien De Melo presents a structural vision of the object at Galerie BSL, a skeletal framework that he covers with mineral or vegetal skin. This young designer from the world of artistic production explores an intimate point of tension between true and false, real nature and recreated nature, on the one hand reminiscent of a forest landscape, on the other a metaphor of a rocky surface. Through 7 limited edition objects he reveals the map of an imaginary land where onyx, ceramic and wood form an elegant display of irreverent technical recompositions.