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Pursuing its tiling revolution, Ateliers Zelij has now launched its new Stone & Terrazzo collection. This is a creative turning point for the French brand, bringing together Portuguese stone, marble and terrazzo. The original combination of materials stands out for its contemporary signature, offering innovative interpretations of Atelier Zelij’s best selling compositions and exclusive designs by Samir Mazer.   (more…)


TRC3-2 ©BarbaraBachmann

The french company Ateliers Zelij is pursuing its revolution of the traditional moroccan tile with «Limited » collection, a selection of its best seller patterns and exclusive designs by Samir Mazer.  Since the 12th century, zelliges are made with clay of Fez, known for its quality and the ease with which it may be carved. The zellige creations imagined by Samir Mazer and produced by Ateliers Zelij offer shapes and pictorial compositions which break with the millenary codes of arabo-andalusian art while respecting traditionnal process of production. (more…)



Protocell, Antoine Bertin’s immersive performance presented during the latest Nemo Biennial in collaboration with artist NSDOS, invited the audience to question the borders between the living and non-living: A small crowd of 100 people, connected through wireless luminous headsets were guided by narration and explored the night, discovering the capacity of inorganic materials to act as living through electrostatic or heat impulses. Over the past 5 years the sound artist Antoine Bertin has been listening to friction, to rifts, to the invisible and other wonders with a desire to render them palpable and to crystallise them in space. Next April he will unveil Species Counterpoint at STRP Festival in Eindhoven and in May he will install his human burrow in Kielder forest in the UK.  (more…)


Nya_2017_Creative Concept_06 copie

In collaboration with the talented Danish designer Laura BildeHANDVÄRK now complete the Studio Lamp serie : an industrial look that is directly inspired by traditional photo lamps. The Danish starlet has worked closely with HANDVÄRK to develop the first floor lamp, which was first launched at Maison & Objet in Paris in 2016. (more…)


ERD SHOP retouched Copyright David Boureau 8192

Behind its classic Parisian facade, the Enfants Riches Déprimés flagship store by Didier Faustino blurs the codes to offer a cold space, without affect. Inspired by the bunker and the bank vault, it is spread over two levels, all in lines, full and void, mixing marble and steel. (more…)



From february 24th to march 7th, Joyce Gallery will introduce Nochapiq in Paris with “Road Trip” exhibition. Alongside her activities in the luxury, fashion and beauty sectors, Noémie Chaillet-Piquand has revealed her artistic talent. In 2018, at the age of 44, the fashion-designer, inventor, interior-decorator and stylist began working under the name Nochapiq. This is now a signature the artist uses, believes in and attaches to everyday wrapped objects, ruffled items of furniture and Parisian paving stones decorated in different colours etc. Her favourite material: the bolduc ribbons produced by luxury fashion houses. A perfect combination of art and today’s society. (more…)



Observing Earth and its territories through a radically new architectural, sociological
and environmental lens, the architecture and urban design office TVK works upon projects varying greatly in scope and ambition. Currently, the office is in charge of thinking the public spaces of the future Grand Paris Express stations, of designing the Ilot fertile d’Éole, the largest group of solid stone buildings built in Paris since Haussman (19th district of Paris), and of the creation of the Media Village for the Paris Summer 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games. The founders, Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger- Kohler, authors of the reconfiguration of the Place de la République in Paris and of the transformation of the E40 motorway into public space in Brussels, or even of the brand new housing and cultural centre of Batignolles in the 17th district of Paris, consistently enhance and add value where others cannot see it, or cannot see it yet. (more…)


JL - en detail_15

Parisian precursor of the emerging “listening bar” culture, Jean Louis la Nuit offers a place where vinyl lovers can come together to listen to their favourite albums with high fidelity analogue sound. An out of the ordinary place for an extraordinary character; a platform dedicated to young creators of fashion, art and design. Shaped as a 70’s cave and open to all forms of experimentation, its visitors are submerged into a retro futuristic vibe, unlike any other in Paris. (more…)



Inspired by a heroine of Danish storyteller Karen Blixen, the tales from her life in Kenya during the 1920’s and 30’s and as accounted in her celebrated novels such as ‘Out Of Africa’. The design of The Dark Spine Rug by Camilla Stærk for Handvark is an interpretation of a spine silhouette.  (more…)


House of Crafts

From september 13th to 15th, Ateliers Zelij will be part of House of Crafts exhibition  curated by AD Germany in Berlin to focus on a new generation of craftmen. The 2019 made to measure collections imagined by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij continue the reinvention of the traditional Moroccan zellige. New motifs, new shapes, new assemblage patterns, new placing methods, since 2013 thanks to its very own research and development atelier based in Toulouse, this studio specialized in tiling reinvents the infinite possibilities of the small clay tile, building a bridge between Moroccan tradition and contemporary architecture. (more…)