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A traveling hotel, capable of settling upon any natural site, be it at the foot of the slopes, by the beach or on location for a sporting event or a festival. Introduced in 2017, the Flying Nest, a nomadic concept hotel designed by Ora ïto for Accor, has been revolutionizing the codes of the hotel industry: the hotel now comes to you. (more…)



In addition to its ranges of contemporary zelliges produced with a respect for the traditional Moroccan savoir-faire, Ateliers Zelij is now developing several collections of cement tiles. With FeelGood, Samir Mazer’s talent for contemporary patterns is offered in 11 geometric and refined models. Inspired by Memphis, Scottish Tartan, Cane weaving or Peacock Feathers, the FeelGood range is a bubble of freedom whose vibrant colors awaken both our interiors (to which we have become so attached) and exteriors. (more…)



After the Nice tramway, Ora ïto signs the upcoming Marseille metro with Alstom, the installation of which is scheduled for 2024. With a straight front and a white body adorned with blue, these new trains represent the push towards non-motorized transport. Here, there is no need for aggressive aerodynamic lines, “The challenge is not speed, but peaceful movement, safety and energy saving” summarizes the designer. The new trains will consume 25% less thanks to electric braking, LED lighting and other optimizations. (more…)



Ora ïto signs his first yatch for global leader Perini Navi. It comes as a natural encounter between the French designer of fluidity and the Italian builder who has revolutionized the construction of superyachts since 1983, increasing the living space on board while reducing the crew requirements. Innovation, minimalism and efficiency unite Ora ïto and Perini. Together they offer a new vision of the manufacturer’s iconic 56m flagship sailing yacht. “The starting point of our collaboration is the confrontation of my architectural and design approach with the philosophy of Perini Navi. I have always strived to reduce material and functions in favor of maximum efficiency. My drawing is very close to the constraints of a boat. On a 56m hull, living space becomes an obsession.” (more…)



British biologists Jean and Peter Madawar once epitomized a virus as “a piece of bad news wrapped in protein”. Seizing this bad news, Antoine Bertin is letting  us hear Corona virus differently ”Once decoded, the genome of Covid 19 is a sequence of A, C, G and U repeated 30,000 times, it’s a short text compared to 3 billion DNA of the human genome” specifies the French artist. Using a sonification process, Antoine Bertin assigns a note to each letter to compose a melody whose tempo is given by the acceleration of the spread of the virus and its future decrescendo if the confinement is respected. He thus gives us the opportunity to listen to the invisible storm that has cloistered us behind our windows for 3 weeks. This comes as a strangely premonitory observation of nature’s movements in confinement for Antoine Bertin, as his next installation is a human burrow dug in the forest of Kielder (in the north of England), initially planned for this coming May. Human Burrow is an underground listening station where the visitor will be invited to descend to curl up against cork walls that resonate the tiny movements of the forest: vibrations produced by animals, signals from plants, movements of the underground … This sound library, set to be buried for 10 years on the hillside, will offer the immersive experience of a world where hearing takes precedence over sight, and where the concepts of space, time and listening are redefined. (more…)



In the spring of 2017 Ora ïto received a telephone call from Marc Simoncini, the serial entrepreneur and founder of the well-known French online dating service, MeeticHe had an idea: “What if we created the best electric bike in the world?” Two years later, delivering on the promises of it creators, Angell is now available for pre-order. With a beautiful streamlined design, Angell bike is the archetype of the electric bicycle we were waiting for. (more…)


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Taken by surprise during holidays on the Kennedy corniche in Marseille, the architect Pierre-Louis Leclercq (Leclercq Associés), started a shutdown Instagram diary @pilouleclercq_. Without computer, away from the office but facing the sea, he went for a slow and meticulous renovation of the former residence of famous French actor and singer Fernandel. « It’s an archaeologist task, I scratch the late 19th century ornements plasters in order to understand the methods and skills used by Les Compagnons (French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages). It’s like and antique car or and old ship, everything can be repair manually. The wood windows, the faience (/architectural ceramics / Glazed architectural terra-cotta), it’s not about changing everything but rather carefully replace, cherish. I tinker with what I have ; a tree branch to fix a broken board in a Hardwood floor, concrete block and earthenware tiles to design a bench, paint cans to refresh an old chair or an entire room and also this garden becoming a potager (/kitchen garden).



“A space to live and move within the pine forest”. With this this 250m2 family home, the French architect Nicolas Dahan signs a see-through haven inviting the beauty of its surrounding environment inside, which is seamlessly built using expert wood engineering techniques. The floor and the ceiling mirror each other’s dimensions, breaking down all notions of hierarchy. Eyesight glides between pine trees and interior perspectives, feet wander with ease from the warm sand outside onto the supple okoume wood flooring indoors. (more…)



The history of La Grande-Motte mirrors the tale of the Ugly Duckling. For a long time decried as a symbol of the degradation of the French coastline, the seaside resort has transitioned from being labelled “la Grande Moche” (greatly unattractive) to “la Grande Mode” (greatly fashionable) in the space of 50 years. The brainchild of French architect Jean Balladur is now regarded as a model of success, laying the foundations for a future that goes beyond summer holidays and puts to question the widely proclaimed failure of the French ‘villes nouvelles’ (planned cities). French architecture agency Leclercq Associés is continuing this success story by taking on the extension of the resort, encompassing an enlarged pedestrian seawall, an extended harbour with a promenade and new family accommodations. (more…)


Le Voyage, TRIODE, APPARATUS, Paris, France

Until may 30th, Triode will present “Le Voyage” by Apparatus, the very first exhibition celebrating ten years of american design in Paris. A journey through the collection of New York-based design studio Apparatus, Le Voyage features the studio’s lighting, furniture and objects in an environment conceived by Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar. Founded in 2012, the studio draws on a vocabulary of desire to explore both object and environment, interpreting the historical and cultural through a modern lens.