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For its second anniversary, Atelier Relief presents « Élévation », a dialogue of forms between 5 photographers from June 17th to November 11th 2017. A series of extreme-reliefs, photos of building facades, stairs, high-built motorways and flyovers, a look upon the soaring constructions of mankind, where the volume of reliefs echo the volume of the structures themselves. (more…)



To present  her film in an exhibition hall, on the occasion of Documenta 14, Narimane Mari meets Stephanie Marin, from June 10 to September 17, inside the Ballhaus in Kassel, former residence of Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon.  (more…)



Small and large Borne Béton are now available for public. Borne Béton is a concrete lamp that was designed by Le Corbusier in 1952 for the Projet Unité d’Habitation de Marseille (Housing Unit) and for the Bhakra Dam and Sukhna Dam in India. On production by NEMO, the light is now available for both indoor and outdoor use in two sizes: a large floor lamp model and a small table lamp model. Both models use LEDs. (more…)


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Following the success of her book release «Les Françaises» (Rizzoli International Publications) in Paris two months ago, Atelier Relief is pleased to present an exhibition of the work by French photographer Sonia Sieff. (more…)



Bestor Architecture’s design for the new Silverlake Conservatory of Music at 4652 Hollywood Boulevard is a vibrant musical village enclosed within the shell of a classic and ubiquitous Hollywood bowstring truss warehouse. (more…)


Titia nera _Arihiro Miyake

Titia is a suspended swirl of light, ‘I had in mind a lamp that would bring together the spirit of Christmas garlands and wooden merry-go-rounds,’ summarises Arihiro Miyake. ‘It’s an old idea that I can at last bring to fruition thanks to the development of LED technology. A cluster of points of light are enclosed within a form that is as light as possible.’ (more…)

Since 2014, T&P Work UNit has applied a unique methodology to coordinate the
programming and artistic and operational management of BETC’s move to the Magasins généraux in Pantin. Today two new workspaces are up and running on the top two floors of the building, Le Garage and La Cantine, and a series of benches for pathways, cumulatively 1.8 km. Luis Laplace has been commissioned to assist Mercedes Era in developing a dining room. In September T&P Work UNit will deliver its new project: a micro-architecture called Mini-Skunk and the publication of two books on relationships between offices and design, one containing images and The Generic Office project, and the other historic and theoretical texts on this subject for businesses, students and researchers. (more…)

Blackbirds BBA 5570

Blackbirds by Barbara Bestor is a cluster of 18 homes nestled in the bohemian hills of Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood. Blackbirds is a progressive design solution for high quality dense housing in a city with little available land. (more…)


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If you like short stories, the April Vase can be summed up in a few words: designed by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy in 1991, the distinct April Vase comprises 21 tubes and is inspired by Japanese ikebana. Its shape is adaptable and enables each flower to be isolated and therefore glorified. The metallic rings slot together providing infinite flexibility for composing your arrangement. You can add or take away segments. It was an immediate success in France, the United States and Japan before joining the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou in 1997. The April Vase remains one of the era’s most enduring icons. The story does however merit closer inspection… (more…)



Jean-Pierre Raynaud is the fifth artist to be invited by the MAMO (Marseille Modulor) after Xavier Veilhan, Daniel Buren, Dan Graham and Felice Varini. The fifth singular point of view given to the Cité Radieuse of Le Corbusier, its terrace and gymnasium having been redeveloped by Ora Ito into an art centre. « With the support of Longchamp, the MAMO continues its annual exhibitions, inviting world-renowned artists, able to master imposing spaces and to measure themselves to this unique and extra-ordinary place. Jean-Pierre Raynaud has been essential in my awakening to Art. His house of course, his stature and the whole of his oeuvre have shaped my artistic culture. » Says Ora Ito. (more…)