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From December 7th, 2021 to January 16th, 2022, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris welcomes “Simone Pheulpin. Time Bender,” an exhibition paying homage to a unique artist who has celebrated her 80th birthday in 2021. The exhibition highlights almost 50 years of an exceptional career. Made of strata, rifts and concretions, her cotton artworks seem to defy time, reflecting how the artist views nature and the world. Both her approach and her craft derive from an original personal technique, modeling, out of folds, organic sculptures with an infinity of textures. More than 40 artworks – including three recent acquisitions – open a dialogue with the museum’s historic collections. (more…)



To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 4LMathieu Lehanneur was invited by French historic mobility brand Renault, a pioneer of electric vehicles in Europe, to reinvent it.  (more…)



From October 16 to 24, Antoine Bertin will present his “Species Counterpoint” installation at STRP, on the occasion of Dutch Design Week 2021 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. An invitation to rethink our connections to the plant world, this installation underlines ideas of community as well as the variations between human and vegetable DNAs. A counterpoint is a form of musical writing which consists in superimposing distinct melodic lines in an orderly fashion. The Species Counterpoint installation stages a player-piano on which are played two melodies, respectively obtained by translating into music a plant and a human DNA sequence. Originating from the fact that humankind and plants share more than 60% of their genetic material, this musical installation makes audible an original composition celebrating this sensorial community between human and plant life forms.  (more…)


Pierre Renart - 22 Bishopsgate - High Table, view 5 (c) Jack Hobhouse

Pierre Renart settles at the 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London, with a series of fascinating pieces that invest the very architecture of the place, in turn enfolding it, magnifying it and enhancing it with new functions. At the request of British group PLP architecture and with the support of maison parisienne, his gallery, the young French designer conceived 7 strips of walnut for the lobby of this new commercial building. The bent wood weaves into the layout, running along or climbing columns, or even literally falling from the sky as it turns into seats, consoles and a work surface that seem to defy gravity. (more…)



For the 2021 edition of ArtBasel – DesignMiamiMathieu Lehanneur has been invited to present a new collection that reveals both the past and the future of our world. State of the World is a series of aluminum sculptures whose forms are based on age pyramids from different countries around the globe. Using population statistics usually studied by sociologists and demographers, Lehanneur has created a “snapshot” of all of the humans living today in over 140 countries. Witnesses to past, present and future destinies of world populations, these works owe their quasi-primitive forms and unique silhouettes to the demographic data made available by the United Nations. (more…)



French star architect Tristan Auer gives free rein to Studio Ler for the design and the fabrication of two small side table tabletops (diameter: 60 cm) intended for a Parisian apartment. The duo proposes a mineral and solar variation in which enamel in turn strikes, hides, and overexposes the lava stone, for an interplay of black and white that reveals the primal character of the material and its telluric aura.


1-Gréco au saut du lit à La Louisiane
Jean-Paul Sartre lived in room 10, which was then passed on to Juliette Gréco, where she had madly loved Miles Davis, before Simone de Beauvoir would finally settle her chambers there. Soon to follow — Albert Cossery, Pink Floyd, Quentin Tarantino, Nan Goldin and Etienne Daho… For its first edition, Bienvenue Design, a new fair format imagined by Olivier Robert, will take place at La Louisiane — a star-less hotel for future stars located in the heart of Saint Germain-des-Prés, wherein each winding corridor bears legend. For almost 80 years, La Louisiane has been the intimate and bohemian refuge where writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and artists have chosen to spend a moment, a night or a lifetime sharing stories. This September, 25 of the top Belgian and international gallerists invited by Olivier Robert and Jean-François Declercq will invest in their own mythical chambers to tell us, this time, unique stories of objects.
395-04-SG-Gréco maquillage 2
Bienvenue Design
Hôtel La Louisiane
Organizers: Olivier Robert et Jean-François Declercq
Paris Design Week
September 8-12, 2021
Every day from 12:00pm to 8:00pm




As part of the Paris Design Week – September 9 to 18, 2021 – maison parisienne will launch Fusion – the brand-new collection of French cabinetmaker and designer Pierre Renart, in a Résidences Harcourt apartment on the Île Saint-Louis in the heart of Paris. (more…)



To spread the news about enamel on volcanic rock, Studio Ler remains loyal to its founding philosophy by initiating a cycle of collaborations with designers from all fields: illustration, design, art, and beyond. The first guest, Léo PICO, is an illustrator and artistic director of Regain magazine for Funny Bones. A professional typographer, he has worked for the press, including ObsM Le MondeEtapes:Vanity Fair, and Le Parisien Magazine, as well as for the fashion world, J.M. Weston, Rabih Kayrouz, and the Paris Fashion Week.   (more…)


Studio Ler has designed and produced a collection of customised enamelled volcanic rock tiles since 2015, for individuals and architects. The designs indiscriminately adorn kitchens (in their credenza version) or floors (indoors and outdoors, since volcanic rock can withstand frost), providing a natural and contemporary covering. “We always visibly retain the raw stone on part of the surface and it is this dialogue between the volcanic rock and the enamel that interests us,” the two designers explain. (more…)