duendepr.com news Dutch Design Week – Antoine Bertin’s “Species Counterpoint” at STRP

Dutch Design Week – Antoine Bertin’s “Species Counterpoint” at STRP


From October 16 to 24, Antoine Bertin will present his “Species Counterpoint” installation at STRP, on the occasion of Dutch Design Week 2021 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. An invitation to rethink our connections to the plant world, this installation underlines ideas of community as well as the variations between human and vegetable DNAs. A counterpoint is a form of musical writing which consists in superimposing distinct melodic lines in an orderly fashion. The Species Counterpoint installation stages a player-piano on which are played two melodies, respectively obtained by translating into music a plant and a human DNA sequence. Originating from the fact that humankind and plants share more than 60% of their genetic material, this musical installation makes audible an original composition celebrating this sensorial community between human and plant life forms. 


The player piano is a recording and playing technology invented in the second half of the 19th century. The instrument is operated with pipes and bellows that inhale and exhale air as the perforated roll of music sheet scrolls through. Written down of perforated paper, the musical notes of the plant DNA activate the player’s left hand. As for the player’s right hand, it plays the human DNA melody a few octaves higher. Human DNA comprises of 6 milliards of nucleotides. Played one note per second, the player-piano would require over 100 years to play the entirety of our genome.


Antoine Bertin’s “Species Counterpoint”

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Antoine BertinBorn in 1985, Antoine Bertin graduated from the French ENS Louis Lumière and from the London College of Communications in the United Kingdom. He is a listener of all the frictions, hiatus and curiosities that can be found in the world. His work connects science with sensory immersion, field recording with sound narration, and data with musical composition. Antoine Bertin’s creations take the surprising form of audible experiences, sound sculptures or audio meditations about the living world. 

His work has been showed at Tate Britain (London, UK), at Palais de Tokyo (Paris, Fr), at Serpentine Gallery (London, UK) as well as numerous festivals such as Kikk (Namur, Be), STRP Festival (Eindhoven, Nl) and CCCB (Barcelona, Sp). Since 2015, he has been producing the quarterly radio show “The Edge of the Forest” for NTS web radio channel (https://www.nts.live/shows/edge-of-a-forest) – a program that gives a voice to the invisible world. In 2018, he founded Sound Anything in Paris, a studio dedicated to the creation of audible experiences (www.soundanything.com).