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22 Bishopgate by Pierre Renart

Pierre Renart - 22 Bishopsgate - High Table, view 5 (c) Jack Hobhouse

Pierre Renart settles at the 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London, with a series of fascinating pieces that invest the very architecture of the place, in turn enfolding it, magnifying it and enhancing it with new functions. At the request of British group PLP architecture and with the support of maison parisienne, his gallery, the young French designer conceived 7 strips of walnut for the lobby of this new commercial building. The bent wood weaves into the layout, running along or climbing columns, or even literally falling from the sky as it turns into seats, consoles and a work surface that seem to defy gravity.

Pierre Renart - 22 Bishopsgate - Bench, view 2 (c) Jack Hobhouse

“No piece is independent – they were all created to play with the very architecture. They need the building, they need its structure, its beams, its columns, to stand upright, and the building needs them to welcome visitors in comfort” sums up Pierre Renart. This play of inter-complementarity is unique in this artist’s career as it is the first time he works on such a monumental scale. Like usual, the loops of wood have been made in his workshop near Blois, in the Loire region, before being shipped and installed in London. A true technical performance for this cabinetmaker, who is passionate about production processes and transformation techniques.


Pierre Renart graduated top of his class from the French Ecole Boulle in 2011. With sleek lines, he combines traditional know-how and high technologies with wood-bending. His very first piece, the Genesis Armchair, is a modern interpretation Raymond Gillet’s Art Deco armchair (1933). Another signature piece from his collections, the Möbius console is an endless loop inspired by the works of German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius. It is made of a unique non-orientable side. Pierre Renart presented his new collection Fusion during the last Paris Design Week, from September 9 to 18, which marked the 10 years anniversary of a rising career as well as the 10 years anniversary of a fruitful collaboration with Galerie maison parisienne.

Pierre Renart - 22 Bishopsgate - High Table, view 15 (c) Jack Hobhouse