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Studio Ler for Tristan Auer


French star architect Tristan Auer gives free rein to Studio Ler for the design and the fabrication of two small side table tabletops (diameter: 60 cm) intended for a Parisian apartment. The duo proposes a mineral and solar variation in which enamel in turn strikes, hides, and overexposes the lava stone, for an interplay of black and white that reveals the primal character of the material and its telluric aura.


Studio Ler designs and creates objects, furniture, and coverings in limited editions or as unique or custom pieces, for individuals and interior designers, as well as for hotels and restaurants. With a sharp sense of assembling materials, Studio Ler utilizes all the esthetic and practical qualities of enameled lava stone in furniture, objects, tiles or even tableware.


Thanks to its heat resistance, the Volvic and Mont-Dore lava stones are perfect materials for kitchen design, with their deep grey hues that open a beautiful dialogue with fabric, wood or leather, for blendings of materials and colors that are always exclusive. Studio Ler also initiates collaborations with graphic designers and illustrators that will take a fresh look at and give new momentum and a wider appeal to this material that was recognized as a “natural property with universal value to humanity” by UNESCO World Heritage.