duendepr.com news Paris Design Week : Bienvenue Design at Hotel La Louisiane

Paris Design Week : Bienvenue Design at Hotel La Louisiane

1-Gréco au saut du lit à La Louisiane
Jean-Paul Sartre lived in room 10, which was then passed on to Juliette Gréco, where she had madly loved Miles Davis, before Simone de Beauvoir would finally settle her chambers there. Soon to follow — Albert Cossery, Pink Floyd, Quentin Tarantino, Nan Goldin and Etienne Daho… For its first edition, Bienvenue Design, a new fair format imagined by Olivier Robert, will take place at La Louisiane — a star-less hotel for future stars located in the heart of Saint Germain-des-Prés, wherein each winding corridor bears legend. For almost 80 years, La Louisiane has been the intimate and bohemian refuge where writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and artists have chosen to spend a moment, a night or a lifetime sharing stories. This September, 25 of the top Belgian and international gallerists invited by Olivier Robert and Jean-François Declercq will invest in their own mythical chambers to tell us, this time, unique stories of objects.
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Bienvenue Design
Hôtel La Louisiane
Organizers: Olivier Robert et Jean-François Declercq
Paris Design Week
September 8-12, 2021
Every day from 12:00pm to 8:00pm