duendepr.com news La Maison du Danemark invites you to discover Le Bicolore, its new contemporary art platform

La Maison du Danemark invites you to discover Le Bicolore, its new contemporary art platform


La Maison du Danemark invites you to discover Le Bicolore, its new contemporary art platform on the Champs-Elysées. With a new name, a new space redesigned by COBE agency, and a new visual identity designed by Urgent.Agency, the gallery at la Maison du Danemark will be unveiled with its first textile art exhibition, entitled In a Slow Manner

LE BICOLORE – After its renovation, the cultural space at la Maison du Danemark is reborn with a new name, a new visual identity, and a new space entirely re-designed by Danish architecture group COBE. Since the sanitary restrictions does not allow for a physical opening , Le Bicolore will offer its first online exhibition from the 2nd of February, along with a wide array of digital offers.

The world has become more digitalised and  Le Bicolore is developing an increased online presence: podcasts, online articles, digital talks, virtual toursand videos will all form part of the cultural experience on offer..

The name Le Bicolore is an affectionate nod to the French Tricolore, reworkingthe values of equality and diversity, but it is also dual and endlessly open to interpretation.

It provides a ‘heads or tails’ way of looking at the world through the prism of Danish culture. In the Danish spirit of open-mindednedd, current events, and contentious subjects will be its focus. Le Bicolore is curious, questioning of itself and of the world, and invites you to engage in conversations  that span Danish and French culture.

Le Bicolore is a prism through whichwe ar eworking to grasp, catalyse and reflect Denmark’s creative dynamics. It is a place where senses and aesthetics are vectors as equally essential as encounters and debate. Our ambition is to create memorable experiences that will spark curiosity towards Denmark.

Le Bicolore for your ears
Le Bicolore is producing a series of podcasts that will complement our exhibitions and thematic explorations. A team of hosts will help you to discover literature, art, urbanism and more on www.lebicolore.dk

Le Bicolore will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Podbean!




Le Bicolore will present five to seven exhibitions a year covering a  wide spectrum – ranging from interaction and virtual reality, design and architecture as well aspainting and textiles.

For its first season, Le Bicolore is proud to present::


In a Slow Manner – Textile Art
3 February – 28 March 2021

Astrid Krogh Ikat III_3 (In a slow manner)

In a Slow Manner is an ambitious collective exhibition showcasing textile art. It was produced in partnership with the textile manufacturer Kvadrat, as well as Galerie Maria Wettergren, Last Resort GalleryNils Stærk Gallery, Dinesen, and File under Pop.

The exhibition, whose title is an ode to the 1941 essay by interior decorator Anni Albers ‘Handweaving Today’, awakens the visitor’s senses in an experimental manner through the discovery of textile artworks whose very essence stems from their texture and material. Emerging or renowned Danish sculptors and artists, as well as two French artists are participating in this exhibition of textile art that aims to present a fraction of the best representatives of the current scene.

Curator: Henriette Noermark

Image credit : Astrid Krogh - Ikat III, 2011

Photo credit : Torben Eskerod. Courtesy of Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris



Mette Winckelmann
16 April – 9 June 2021

Flags of Freedom

For her first solo exhibition in France, Danish artist Mette Winckelmann presents a manifesto-exhibition pervaded by political debates on the transformations of the social body. Her constantly evolving paintings, flags, collages, and ceramics deconstruct the categories of abstract painting based on a mathematical grid applied to the space, the scale of the body, and the limits of materials. Her corpus falls within an alternative history of modern and conceptual art in which geometry comes to reflect social structures.

Curator: Jérôme Sans

Image credit :  30.000.000 lesbians, 2009, textile

Photo creditAnders Sune Berg


Hello Vélo!

À vélo, citoyens!
18 June – 31 July 2021

Hello v‚lo

Copenhagen has long been the paragon of a cyclable city. Today many major cities –New York, London, and Paris – have taken to their bicycles to enjoy the pragmatic and climatic advantages of two-wheeled transport.

A cyclable city that works well cannot settle for good intentions, it requires rational design and intelligent town planning.  The Hello Vélo ! exhibition shows how Danish design plays an essential role in public and communal space. A century of cityplanning for bicycles in Copenhagen has fostered a rich, diverse and beneficial transport culture. This exhibition highlights both the complexity, as well as the simplicity, of planning any city for bicycles and the benefits it brings.

Curator: Mikael Colville-Andersen

Photo credit  Mikael Colville-Andersen