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FeelGood cement tiles by Ateliers Zelij


In addition to its ranges of contemporary zelliges produced with a respect for the traditional Moroccan savoir-faire, Ateliers Zelij is now developing several collections of cement tiles. With FeelGood, Samir Mazer’s talent for contemporary patterns is offered in 11 geometric and refined models. Inspired by Memphis, Scottish Tartan, Cane weaving or Peacock Feathers, the FeelGood range is a bubble of freedom whose vibrant colors awaken both our interiors (to which we have become so attached) and exteriors.

Hexagon 13

The production of cement tiles has not changed since the end of the 19th century: a mold for the format, a divider for the pattern. Ateliers Zelij offers 9 different formats and sizes, from diamond shaped to arabesque, which can be combined with 29 solid colors, as well as 11 patterns, offering an infinite number of combinations for these custom-made tiles.

Moodbord unis

Technically speaking, the mixture of marble powder, white cement and Bayer pigment, refered to as a wear layer, is injected between the partitions of the divider over a thickness of 4mm. The proportion of marble powder must represent almost 2/3 of the mixture to guarantee resistance over time and an incomparable velvety texture, similar to that of marble. The divider is then removed from the mold, the colors are placed at the junctions and a cement/sand screed is applied, ensuring the solidity of the cement tile. The mold is then closed and put into a press in order to assemble the wear layer and the screed and obtain a thickness of 12 to 16 mm (depending on the format and destination of the cement tile). Finally, the tile is removed from the mold, hydrated and placed in a dryer before undergoing a quality control of the colors, thicknesses and precision of the pattern.

Diamond 1-1

The minimum order is of 5m2 to allow for custom-made production of patterns with the colors of your choice. Public price including VAT for 5m2 starts at 114.00 euros for a 20 x 20 cm square format.

Goodmood 371

Attached to the culture of the Mediterranean basin, Samir Mazer builds a bridge between Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary architecture. In collaboration with Ateliers Zelij since 2013, he continuously breaks with forms, plays with contrasts and nuances to explore the endless possibilities of the small terracotta and cement tile from withing his research and development workshop based in Toulouse.


Photo credits :

1/ FeelGood, model 302

2/ Hexagon13 model

3/ MoodBoard Different solid colour formats

4/ Diamond model

5/ Mood Board Memphis-371