duendepr.com news A New Metro Aix-Marseille-Provence by Ora ïto with Alstom

A New Metro Aix-Marseille-Provence by Ora ïto with Alstom


After the Nice tramway, Ora ïto signs the upcoming Marseille metro with Alstom, the installation of which is scheduled for 2024. With a straight front and a white body adorned with blue, these new trains represent the push towards non-motorized transport. Here, there is no need for aggressive aerodynamic lines, “The challenge is not speed, but peaceful movement, safety and energy saving” summarizes the designer. The new trains will consume 25% less thanks to electric braking, LED lighting and other optimizations.


They will benefit from the latest technological developments in order to increase comfort, availability, accessibility and passenger information. Spanning a length of 65 meters, each train is made of 4 cars set up in a “boa” configuration and will be able to transport up to 500 passengers. With a friendly and futuristic design, these trains will be equiped with large windows, an efficient air conditioning system and passenger information systems for which Fabien Bourdier has imagined the sound design.


In 1997, Ora ïto hijacked the Vuitton and Apple brands by creating virtual products. Garnering attention, these immediately became icons of the digital revolution. As a design phenomenon incorporated into pop culture, the multi-acclaimed success of his aluminium Heineken bottle sparked his future collaborations with other partners at the height of luxury goods and industry. Firms such as Cassina, Bouygues, Cappellini, Alstom, Laguiole, Citroën, Zanotta and Accor all seek his mark for their brand, a recognisable label of modernity.


The multidisciplinary Ora ïto studio decodes the DNA of our times, imagining changes to come, revisiting mobility, objects, hotels, furniture and restaurants with a relentless methodology for which he invents a neologism: simplexity; the fluid vocabulary of the digital age.


In 2013, he created and opened MAMO, an art centre on the roof terrace of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse in Marseille, where renowned contemporary artists ranging from Xavier Veilhan to Dan Graham are exhibited. In 2017, he began a series of collaborations with Daniel Buren with whom he has conceived hotels, cinemas and public art projects. Most recently, Ora ïto has signed a tram way in Nice and the new Marseilles metro for Alstom, a sailing yacht with Perini Navi, a nomad and ephemeral AccorHotel as well a high-end electric bicycle named Angell.