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Angell bike by Ora ïto


In the spring of 2017 Ora ïto received a telephone call from Marc Simoncini, the serial entrepreneur and founder of the well-known French online dating service, MeeticHe had an idea: “What if we created the best electric bike in the world?” Two years later, delivering on the promises of it creators, Angell is now available for pre-order. With a beautiful streamlined design, Angell bike is the archetype of the electric bicycle we were waiting for.


Made out of aluminium and carbon, the design includes a touchscreen on the handlebars, a removable battery weighing under 2kg and hyperbolic indicator lights, for a total weight of 13,9 kg. This smart bike offers the luxury of invisible fittings that disappear into its fluid contours.


3 riding modes are available: Free ride, Navigation and Sport, with a maximum speed of 25km/h and an autonomy of 70km. Angell is one of the lightest electric bicycles in the world. Its touchscreen delivers real time information such as weather, air quality, battery levels, speed and calories burned. For the peace of mind of the future owner, the battery has an automatic lock system protecting it from theft and recharges in less than two hours.


Angell exists in black or silver, available for pre-order at the retail price of 2690 euros all tax included. A number of additional accessories are available to purchase, such as: mudguards, wooden baskets, helmets, anti-pollution masks, etc…


In 1997, Ora ïto hijacked the Vuitton and Apple brands by creating virtual products. Garnering attention, these immediately became icons of the digital revolution. As a design phenomenon incorporated into pop culture, the multi-acclaimed success of his aluminium Heineken bottle sparked his future collaborations with other partners at the height of luxury goods and industry. Firms such as Cassina, Bouygues, Cappellini, Alstom, Laguiole, Citroën, Zanotta and Accor all seek his mark for their brand, a recognisable label of modernity. The multidisciplinary Ora ïto studio decodes the DNA of our times, imagining changes to come, revisiting mobility, objects, hotels, furniture and restaurants with a relentless methodology for which he invents a neologism: simplexity; the fluid vocabulary of the digital age.


In 2013, he created and opened MAMO, an art centre on the roof terrace of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse in Marseille, where renowned contemporary artists ranging from Xavier Veilhan to Dan Graham are exhibited. In 2017, he began a series of collaborations with Daniel Buren with whom he has conceived hotels, cinemas and public art projects. Most recently, Ora ïto has signed a tram way in Nice and the new Marseilles metro for Alstom, a sailing yacht with Perini Navi, a nomad and ephemeral AccorHotel as well a high-end electric bicycle named Angell.