duendepr.com news Limited, the « ready-to-be delivered » collection by Ateliers Zelij

Limited, the « ready-to-be delivered » collection by Ateliers Zelij

TRC3-2 ©BarbaraBachmann

The french company Ateliers Zelij is pursuing its revolution of the traditional moroccan tile with «Limited » collection, a selection of its best seller patterns and exclusive designs by Samir Mazer.  Since the 12th century, zelliges are made with clay of Fez, known for its quality and the ease with which it may be carved. The zellige creations imagined by Samir Mazer and produced by Ateliers Zelij offer shapes and pictorial compositions which break with the millenary codes of arabo-andalusian art while respecting traditionnal process of production.

Z10 TC06 ©studio19

«Preservation is insufficient for a culture to stay alive, it must also be reinvented» says Samir Mazer. With moroccan origins, Samir Mazer is a visionnary artist who has chosen Moroccan clay tiles with their irregular and sensual surfaces to create rythmic patterns. From sculpture with remarkably strong artistic sensibility, he develops his technical knowledge in order to perfect his approach to design. Attached to the Moroccan cultural richness, he’s interested in the fusion of design and craftsmanship.Through this journey he’s able to break the form, play with contrasts & shades and thus project the zellige in the tomorrow’s world.

Bejmat TC22:TC31 ©HumbertPoyet ©Beefbar ©Jerome Galland ©

Ateliers Zelij is manufacturer with workshops in Morocco who guarantee a respect for tradition and a product of great quality. Zelliges are always heated in traditional wooden ovens ensuring unique pieces, nuanced by the flame. They are then carved «à la Marteline» by master craftsmen called «Mâalems». Two labels of Excellence from Moroccan Minister of Crafts guarantee our production’s Quality & Process : Label National de l’Artisanat du Maroc and Label Zellige de Fes. The other major asset is the Research & Development studio in France, enabling Ateliers Zelij to work side by side with their clients. It’s there that ideas and new collections are born such as TRC13 TC35 brand new pattern, it’s there that unique designs are refined for prestigious clients.

TRC13 TC35 31 20 22

Easy installation. Each order is cut and now pre-grouted and pre-assembled to rigid panel with a dedicated packaging to export ; delivered worldwide under 4 weeks with a minimum of 2sqm. This development managed by Sika®, leader in construction solutions, was the first step to make Ateliers Zelij projects within reach to all for an easy installation.The product has undoubtely gained a new flexibility, increasing by tenfold the perspectives for this antique tile which has never been so modern. Now, no skill required: easy cutting, no extra-thickness, everyone is able to install our mosaics ! Available on BASIC, HERITAGE, CREATIVE & SCULPTURAL Collections.

1 – TRC3-2 ©BarbaraBachmann

2 – Z10 TC06 ©studio19

3 – Bejmat TC22/TC31 ©HumbertPoyet ©Beefbar ©Jerome Galland ©

4 - TRC13 TC35