duendepr.com news Road trip by Nochapiq at Joyce Gallery (Paris)

Road trip by Nochapiq at Joyce Gallery (Paris)


From february 24th to march 7th, Joyce Gallery will introduce Nochapiq in Paris with “Road Trip” exhibition. Alongside her activities in the luxury, fashion and beauty sectors, Noémie Chaillet-Piquand has revealed her artistic talent. In 2018, at the age of 44, the fashion-designer, inventor, interior-decorator and stylist began working under the name Nochapiq. This is now a signature the artist uses, believes in and attaches to everyday wrapped objects, ruffled items of furniture and Parisian paving stones decorated in different colours etc. Her favourite material: the bolduc ribbons produced by luxury fashion houses. A perfect combination of art and today’s society.


«BOLDUC-WRAPPING»: In 2018 this neologism become a key theme for Nochapiq. This is what she has called the process when she wraps an item with ribbons. To do so she attaches double-sided tape according to the size of the ribbon and then, with this new raw material, she covers each chosen object as wholly as possible.


Spontaneously, and with an urge to innovate, Nochapiq left Paris for New York between October
27 and November 5, 2018 to continue her creativity away from home. Once there for 9 days and nights, in a studio in southern Manhattan and almost without sleep, she Bolduc-wrapped a hundred different objects which she then displayed in the open air on the streets of New York. She carried them in a sports bag to expose them, in their raw form, to the mean streets and passers-by. She went from Central Park to Soho, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Wall Street. After carefully wrapping the objects it was time for the big reveal! This performance was celebrated with 10 specially-made videos. Her creative sprint to New York ended with a heart motif made up of Bolduc-wrapped objects completed during her stay that Nochapiq created on November 5, 2018, a few hours before boarding her flight at JFK airport to return to Paris.


«I was wrapping, and enjoying doing so.» That’s how Nochapiq summarizes the period that follows, once back in Paris. In total, between September 29 and December 18, 2018, the artist created over 700 objects in all, illustrated by around 200 videos shot in both New York and Paris. Spoons, forks, pipes, toothbrushes, cameras, lollipops, hammers, bracelets, electrical plugs, computer mice … everything was used! They were all adorned with Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent ribbons. «With this work representing my body and mind, wrapping both packaging and its contents, what’s visible becomes invisible and vice versa.» It was an accomplishment which gave Nochapiq further impetus to show her work off with a series of photos, videos clips and ‘reverse’ videos (made with the help of her assistant Clemence Lucchini) and posted on her LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. She dared to be different and to show off her work: the road trip continues.


In addition to items found in everyday life, Nochapiq began wrapping «objects of high symbolic value» like a horseshoe, a crucifix, dollars or a pistol. «We were close to the limits of what was politically incorrect,» she explains due to her love of pop art and surrealism. She also occasionally replaced her normal bolduc with Supreme black, Supreme red, Panther print, zebra print, Crime Scene, Do not cross and Fragile adhesive tapes. These sometimes provocative tapes were used to wrap and cover glasses, bracelets, pipes, stools etc. Nochapiq ended up buried by her work in a performance which punctuated her series of ‘reverse’ videos available on her Instagram account.


Noémie Chaillet-Piquand. Born in 1974 and the youngest of eight children, she grew up in Paris. She attended secondary school first in Janson-de-Sailly, then moved to Molière. She took her ‘baccalaureate’ exams at Duruy high-school in Fénelon at the age of 16. Her studies? Nothing official because she learned everything directly on the job. TV, Radio and at Hermès communication . When she decided to quit the communication service at Hermès aged 24. Noémie Chaillet-Piquand surprised everyone by signing up for a vocational course in upholstery and leather goods with Ferrandi. For one year she learned how to work with leather, cutting, parrying, splitting, sewing and polishing the raw material. Simultaneously, and in her own time, she invented a leather laminate which was her first patented product and would become known as vibrato leather. Once she finished her CAP, she returned to the Hermès workshops in Pantin where she was given her own «space», as a sort of experimental laboratory, and was entrusted with an «inventive project» focusing on new materials and fashion accessories. There she developed further the vibrato leather and also designed dwich leather. The former had a multicolored mille-feuille appearance while the latter sported an embossed relief. The «Chaillet-Piquand method» was to innovate, dominate and change the way people thought. Independant since 2015, Noémie Chaillet-Piquand has since continued working with Hermès in Paris as a stylist and consultant. She also works for the L’Oréal laboratories in New York on numerous inventions and design projects.

Road Trip par Nochapiq

Du 24 février au 7 mars

Vernissage 24 février de 18h30 à 20H30

Joyce Gallery

168 Galerie de Valois

Jardin du Palais Royal

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