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HANDVÄRK dining chair and table

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HANDVÄRK just unveiled a new dining chair and a table. Marble topped statement piece, made in Denmark, diner by HANDVÄRK exudes luxurious Nordic appeal. The range of sleek dining tables by Emil Thorup is an ultra-modern take on a tile top table, with large pieces of Italian marble mounted in a slender steel frame, that almost defies gravity. The natural variations and veins of the marble make each table truly unique. Comes in a frame in either matte black, matte white or black with solid brass details. Additionally, the 4 options of marble are: white, green, black or grey.

Dining Table, Piano Bench

“HANDVÄRK is much more than a business to us. We believe in simplicity, sustainability and social responsibility on a personal and corporate level. We make sustainability a natural part of our everyday work, we flat pack to reduce transport emission, we only use recyclable packaging and have a strong digital presence to minimize print. Simply put; we strive to stay socially responsible, establish long-term partnerships and have an overall positive impact on the world.” says Kristian Rhode, Handvark co-founder.

Dining Chair, Dining Table

Table measurements & Materials

D: 96cm x L: 184cm x H: 74cm – Weight 86kg
Top: Polished or honed marble
Base: Powder coated steel