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Jean-Louis la Nuit, nightclub, fashion, design & art platform

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Parisian precursor of the emerging “listening bar” culture, Jean Louis la Nuit offers a place where vinyl lovers can come together to listen to their favourite albums with high fidelity analogue sound. An out of the ordinary place for an extraordinary character; a platform dedicated to young creators of fashion, art and design. Shaped as a 70’s cave and open to all forms of experimentation, its visitors are submerged into a retro futuristic vibe, unlike any other in Paris.

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The spirit of César Manrique is present within the space; the Lanzarote born architect, known for his association of contemporary architecture and the volcanic landscapes of the Spanish island, would not disown this organic and mineral shaped landscape punctuated by Italian design lights, adorned with a modular sofa signed Kwok Hoi Chan for Steiner in the 70s, and enhanced by a clockwork orange colour for the floor.

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The beating heart of the club; drinking, dancing, chatting at Jean Louis are all done around the Harmony high fidelity sound system (AESD): A sound system with no digital compression, analogically played, the sound is accurately rendered in its entirety. An audio reproduction where it becomes impossible to loose even the slightest hit of a triangle within a symphony. Unique studio sound quality brought to diggers, the faithful monomaniac vinyl collectors, who come to share their gems every night. Harmony overturns our sensory memories. The songs which have accompanied us over 40 years are transformed. What you thought was your music becomes a new story, a story bringing a culture of high fidelity to Parisians.

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Striving to offer active sound speakers for professionals and enthusiasts, the futurist-retro design Harmony 5001 system, made in the 80s by French AESD, impressed producers of the day such as Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Stranglers, Cars…). It was relaunched and has been developed today with the support of Jean-Louis. An obvious step in support of creative artists for this platform at the crossroads of music, fashion, art and design.

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Every evening from 6pm to 11pm, sound sessions “les soirées d’écoute” and drinks take place thanks to the programme put together by Gabriel from the D.KO label, showcasing acts such as Leo Pol, Favorite Recording with Aldorande, Hugo LX, Zaltan (Antinote), Sonarium, Panafrican, Flabaire, OCB de Casa Voyager, Victor Kiswell or Mathieur Berthet as well as special record dealer sessions such as Heartbeat Records, Betino’s, Superfly or Syncrophone.


Full line-up available on jeanlouislanuit.com

Jean-Louis. Kidnapped by aliens on the 21st of April 1982, Jean-Louis is a fictional comic book character who has just landed in Paris at 66 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau (75001) to launch his new platform for young creatives: a 600 square meter, high fidelity sound club / fashion showroom / exhibition space, Jean-Louis La Nuit.

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To favor the emergence of new talents, Jean-Louis has brought together a collective of enthusiasts stemming from the worlds of fashion, art and design, illustration, music, gastronomy, and nightlife. The team of Jean-Louis La Nuit has committed itself to help discover, to sensitize and allow its public to dream from Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 6pm to 4 am.

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In the world of comic books, imagining a character and then offering a range of products derived from it, is a fairly frequent pop-culture phenomenon. However, creating a character to help young creatives launch their own products is the stand-alone bet of the Jean-Louis platform: a series of comic books + a high-fidelity sound club / a Parisian showroom + a saloon in the Drôme + an artisanal organic beer brewery all make of Jean-Louis a unique and visionary concept.

Photo credits : Fernanda Peruzzo

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Jean-Louis La Nuit

66, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris
Wednesday to Saturday 6pm to 4 am Tel : + 33 1 77 14 43 96 www.jeanlouislanuit.com