duendepr.com news Ateliers Zelij at House of Crafts (Berlin)

Ateliers Zelij at House of Crafts (Berlin)

House of Crafts

From september 13th to 15th, Ateliers Zelij will be part of House of Crafts exhibition  curated by AD Germany in Berlin to focus on a new generation of craftmen. The 2019 made to measure collections imagined by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij continue the reinvention of the traditional Moroccan zellige. New motifs, new shapes, new assemblage patterns, new placing methods, since 2013 thanks to its very own research and development atelier based in Toulouse, this studio specialized in tiling reinvents the infinite possibilities of the small clay tile, building a bridge between Moroccan tradition and contemporary architecture.

TRC9-3 Corail copie

Samir Mazer creates contemporary zelliges to adorn houses with a ceramic skin. Combining the geometric rigor of patterns to the soft irregularity of the surfaces and tones of the zellige tile, the result is always unique and sensual. Walls, floors, mantle pieces, etc. are dressed with enameled graphic rhythms, embracing both living and bathroom spaces. The charm of the zellige lies in its wood-fired cooking. The varying temperature of the fire gives the tiles slightly different shades of colors and the soft irregularities that beautifully capture light.Samir Mazer uses these clay tiles to create patterned rhythms to the beat of the digital era. “The repetition of shape and color upon a zellige tile is a musical exercise. It is like drawing a pixel, creating a module and then sampling it to make a track”, explains the artist.Made in Fez, for the high quality and easy to carve clay, the zelliges produced by Ateliers Zelij offer formats and compositions that break with tradition. A contemporary approach which has seduced the most prestigious French and international architects, for whom Samir Mazer proposes unique made-to-measure series, unedited in the studio’s contemporary editions or reproductions of traditional patterns.

Beefbar Malta BEJTC22:TC31

This success relies in part on a small but significant technical revolution: the fragile zelliges are now pre-assembled in a bed of resin, enabling their transport without breakages and their installation at a lower cost. Sending a wall of zelliges in assembled pieces to cover the walls of a house in California is no longer just the extravagance of a millionaire. The product has gained a new flexibility, increasing by tenfold the perspectives for this antique tiling which has never been so modern. None doubt that the devotion Samir Mazer has had to remodel this clay tile has contributed to its success acclaimed today by world-class decorators such as Humbert & Poyet or Laura Gonzalez. 

TRC3 Voile copie

Photo credits :

1/House of crafts – Atelier Zelij

2/ TRC9-3 Corail – design Samir Mazer

3/ Beefbar Malta – Humbert & Poyet

4/ TRC3-2 – Design Samir Mazer


House of crafts with Ateliers Zelij

from 13th to 15th september 2019