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Illusion collection by Secret d’Atelier

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In the continuous search of something new, Secret d’Atelier comes up with its latest collection of luxury floors: the Illusion Collection, a real technological triumph that makes possible to put together considerably realistic images by an innovative and artistic process. The idea of this image arrangement stems from a meeting between Secret d’Atelier teams and a famous photographer. Very keen on art and new technologies, they decide to combine these two worlds and put art at our feet through a trompe l’oeil effect on parquet floorboards: the Illusion Collection was born.

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The development of the Illusion Collection is the result of multiple technical efforts that often had to be invented so that it could come to light in the best conditions: colors and vivid, shimmering and protected images that decorate the wood. Today we can print all the desired patterns of different dimensions.

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The image can be displayed on a floorboard, or spread over several. You can choose the pattern to print from our existing image bank or receive the help of our professional photographer, who will apply all his dexterity and expertise to best render your idea and thus perfectly bring the touch of magic you have always dreamt of for your home.

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There is absolutely no limit in choosing the perfect application. In the hotel industry, for instance, the Illusion Collection offers a new decorating option to personalize the ambience of a lobby or bedroom. The floor of a library can easily be designed as fallen books that one would want to pick up. The Illusion Collection aims at professionals in the hotel area, restaurant or trade but also for individuals who are passionate about design and decoration. Through this collection, Secret d’Atelier dusts the floor by giving it a new life. It becomes an innovative and trendy product that will fit perfectly into the boldest decoration.

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Secret d’Atelier is the first French luxury floor design house. It combines the historical know-how with today’s technological innovations to conceive its custom-made creations. Secret d’Atelier’s products are designed for both professionals and individuals who want to dress their floor with innovative, original and of impeccable quality flooring. Secret d’Atelier considers the parquet as a new form of expression of interior architecture designed to brighten up spaces of prestige: an experience allowing the floor to regain its former honored posture.