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Emil Thorup, HANDVÄRK designer and founder


Emil Thorup. Founder of HANDVÄRK and the designer of the first collection of furniture, autodidactic 35-year old Emil Thorup was formerly a celebrated TV-Host, with a lifelong passion for architecture and design. He is greatly inspired by the Bauhaus movement and strives to minimize unnecessary theatrics in his design, still pursuing a Nordic warmth.

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“Aesthetic sustainability is key to all of our products. In an effort to create furniture that will last a lifetime, we have taken no shortcuts. We work with genuine marble, brass and aniline leather – materials that will only become more beautiful over time. These materials are worked with care and dedication to embody the simplicity and applicability of our design. Design that above all stays true to the Nordic DNA that imbues HANDVÄRK.” synthetizes Emil Thorup, Handvark Founder & Designer.


The repeated hallmarks of the brand, a black metal cruciform and tube structure, delineate furniture with archetypal and pure lines. Emil Thorup was inspired by Bauhaus for HANDVÄRK impressively elegant collection. A new chair and a bar stool (see below) designed by Emil Thorup will be presented in Maison& Objet next september.