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LA Noir collection by Atelier de Troupe


For their 2019 collection, Atelier de Troupe plunges into 70′s Neo-Noir Hollywood. Gabriel Abraham, a former set designer, imagines Coda chair and Nuage Z lighting for a character in the likes of Philip Marlowe in Robert Altman‘s “The Long Goodbye”. Chromed tubular forms woven with leather or fused with glass compose a captivating and elegant collection, creating a nostalgic cocktail, A de T’s manifest since 2012.

NUAGE YZ_Chrome_angle

Based in Los Angeles, Atelier de Troupe is a creative studio founded by former film-set designer Gabriel Abraham. Since 2011, he has summarized the imaginary décor of the 20th century, creating lamps and furniture with an immediately evocative power.  Atelier de Troupe conceives modern antiques with timeless charm, diving into the grammar of Bauhaus, of 60s Italian cinema or of French decorative spirit.


Coda.  Dimensions 73c x 85.5cm x 85.5cm. Polished Chrome chair frame. Leather sling is included.

NUAGE X4_Black_angle

Nuage Z two dimensions available :  157.5cm x 71cm x H 5cm et 208.2cm x 71cm x 5cm. Available in Polished Chrome or Black Polished Chrome. White sandblasted glass shades.