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Kuntzel + Deygas : Articulation at the Joyce Gallery


From the 28thof May until the 15thof June, Kuntzel + Deygas present Articulationat the Joyce gallery (Paris, 1stdistrict), an exhibition of drawings, objects and music revolving around movement and dialogue. Poster-drawings, storyboard inks, anthropomorphic speakers and soundtracks all converse and join together to compose the outline for an imaginary film sketched out by Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas. Two great sound and image creators, to whom we owe among others, since 1988, the opening titles for Steven Spielberg’s Catch me if you can, the iconic La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain character, the MiCha Lamp (sold at Bon Marché) or the two existential Italian dogs Cap & Pep whose adventures livened up the days of Colette and Vogue Japan.


The exhibition brings together two series of organic ink drawings: ‘articulations’ by Olivier Kuntzel and ‘contorsions d’après modèle vivant’ (contortions based on a live model) by Florence Deygas. Several drawings from these two series will be enlarged onto hand-tufted carpets or reduced and silkscreen printed onto limited edition tote bags. Within the space 8 MinuSkull vanity speakers, imagined by the duo, will play sounds, music and speech as if in conversation with one another, creating a progressive soundscape where the starting point is a short French text entrusted to Google Translate and then gradually translated, manipulated and twisted from language to language before returning to a metamorphosed version of French, signed by Romain Turzi.


Olivier Kuntzel began this series of drawings with ink and gouache on mounting boards, tight framing and articulated arms, half organic half exoskeletons. They remind us of elegant fantasy movie posters. “Posters, because there is always a typographic sensation structuring my drawings. Traces are taut, curves evoke well-negotiated trajectories and elegance is born from the impression of an encounter with a well-dressed beast. A poster holds a mystery which a movie will in turn reveal, yet here, there’s no movie, only mystery.”The gouache paintings mixed with metallic powder are framed without protective glass “to heighten and maintain the immediate contact with all of these textures. We risk alterations, yet in reality it is not a risk, it’s the life of the drawing which evolves, ages, develops patina, becoming more precious still with time.”


For her series of sketches, Florence Deygas made an appointment with a contortionist “to destabilize myself a little in front of a live model. A first for me. The postures remained before my eyes for a few seconds, the 3 hours of the first session were like a breathless marathon. The movements were captivating. I have always been attracted to nude sketches and also to that which is born out of nerves.”The urgency of the moment frees the artist from technical skills and to draws one in closer to the living.“I found myself seeing a human body as if it were for the first time, astonished to see a head so close to a hip, no longer understanding where the anchoring point was. Next time I will drawn from within a zero gravity chamber!”  


MinuSkull “We wanted the first spectators of the exhibition to be a group of 8 MinuSkull to whom we gave a bodies made from welded metal rods. They were made by Y.A.Atelier, based on our sketches. We then brought them to the composer Romain Turzi,who accepted to compose an eight voice musical piece for the installation.


List of presented works:

Drawings by Olivier Kuntzel, theme: imaginary articulations. Ink and gouache on mounting board, formats 85x125cm and formats 65x85cm. Framing: glassless oak frames tinted with Chinese ink made by l’Atelier de la Main d’Or.

Drawings by Florence Deygas, theme: contortions based on a live model. Formats approximately 25x36cm. ‘Echauffement’(Warm up) series: Chinese ink on paper, wooden frame painted with black gouache. ‘Une fille en blanc, un canapé noir’ (A girl in white, a black sofa) series : chrome ink and adhesive tape on paper, wooden frame painted with white gouache. Framing: with glass by l’Atelier de la Main d’Or.

Multimedia installation « MinuSkull articulation ». Ensemble of 8 MinuSkull speakers, playing an original score by Romain Turzi. The amplifier speakers are drawn by Kuntzel + Deygas and developed with technical specifications between Honk-Kong and Castet. Electronics, wood and several types of wood cladding (white ebony, kingwood, plane tree, walnut, amaranth…).  Base « body » according to drawings and design by Olivier Kuntzel, produced with welded metal by YA-atelier.


4 wool carpets, hand-tufted by ALP Carpets (Spain).

Cross carpet with drawing by Olivier Kuntzel , 200x200cm

Spiral carpet with drawing by Olivier Kuntzel , 350x200cm

Relax carpet with drawing by Florence Deygas, 200x200cm

Grand écartcarpet with drawing by Florence Deygas, 400x100cm


3 silk screen printed drawings on Tote bags, each drawing+bag is produced in a limited edition of 8 pieces. A small format and a large format « triplette » (with 3 handles to carry cross body). Versions in white linen, black linen, navy canvas, khaki canvas. Production: L’industrielle Textile in Hirson, Screen prints by L’institut sérigraphie, Paris.


Partner Credits:

Romain Turzi, composer. Turzi has always loved repetitive compositions, adventurous arrangements, electronic music, the organic pulsations of a real drum kit and the carnal-like attack of an electric guitar. The press called it « krautrock » at a time when no one really knew anymore what it meant. Alluding to his first emotions as a musician, Turzi did not contradict the statement. However he already knew that this classification, even supplemented by « psychedelia », was too reductive.

Adrien Stachowicz, Acoustic engineer in charge of the development of professional Hifi audio products for the past 15 years. zephyr-audio.frwww.areboursagency.fr. Adrien supervised the acoustic and technical development for the sound and connectors of these new MinuSkull. For the installation of Articulation he made to measure all of the connectors.


Y.A.Atelier (production of the metal bodies for the MinuSkull. Y.A.Atelier is born out of the collaboration between Yann Paître and Anna Grant, both cultivating the same interest in design, anti-standardization and noble materials. She is an interior decorator. He is a designer, former student of the Boulle school. YA-Atelier produces unique pieces, using raw materials. www.ya-atelier.com

L’Institut Sérigraphique (tote bags). Séverine Bascouertis a silk-screen printer. She founded the Institut Sérigraphique in Paris in 2002. She collaborates with numerous artists, printing their works as limited editions (AA Bronson, Kuntzel + Deygas, Pierre Paulin, Hervé Di Rosa, Raphaël Zarka, Yuichi Yokoyama, Abdelkader Benchamma…), as well as galleries and publishers (FRAC Le Plateau, CNEAÏ, Galerie du Jour Agnès B., Galerie Anne Barrault, Sémiose…). Séverine Bascouert regularly produces multiple artists on a variety of mediums such as books, silk and wood, … in 2014 she founded the Lagon magazine in collaboration with artists and printers thus continuing her experimentation with the printed image. institut-serigraphique.com

ALP Carpets (Spain) http://www.alpcarpets.com/alp-en/who-we-are.html


Kuntzel + Deygas : Articulation

From the 28thof May until the 15thof June.

Vernissage Tuesday 4thof June from 5pm until 9pm 

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