duendepr.com news “Limited” by Ateliers Zelij, The Ready-to-be-delivered collection

“Limited” by Ateliers Zelij, The Ready-to-be-delivered collection


The Ateliers Zelij are pursuing their tranquil revolution of the traditional zellige tile with « Limited », a collection of 12 patterns available in stock! 12 best sellers ready for swift delivery to France and internationally, mixing exclusive designs by Samir Mazer with more basic formats.

201806-PRXS10 lite

The experimentations by the Moroccan designer and artist have now been made more accessible than ever, with his 30 x 30 cm patterns, preassembled for easy installation, and his research on the aesthetics of cuts and triangle, rectangle, and trapezoid compositions.

TRC3 TC06 & TC19

«Faced with the abundance of traditional sizes and compositions, I first decided to take an opposing approach and work with a single-size small square allowing me to create kinetic effects and figurative images. This drawing-like work soon refined itself with a Research and Development studio and the Collection Creative, playing with triangle and trapezoid shapes » summarizes Samir Mazer.

Maison Craft 10 - detail ©TRC9-3

Made in Fez ever since the 12th century for the quality of its clay and the ease with which it may be carved, the zellige compositions imagined by Samir Mazer and produced by Ateliers Zelij offer formats and pictorial compositions which break with the millenary codes of arabo-andalusian art. This contemporary approach first seduced Moroccan artisans, custodians of the ancestral savoir-faire, then French and international decorators. With the ready-made collection Limited, Samir Mazer continues his pursuit of the democratisation of the zellige he began in 2008.

TRC7 TC19_1

“Limited” by Ateliers Zelij, The Ready-made collection 

1/ Cécile Derrien Architecte, ©TRC8 2/ Sophie Lallias Architecte, Z10
3/ Collection Creative ©TRC3
4/ Collection Creative ©TRC9-3

5/ Thet Design Architecte, ©TRC7