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Jens Risom, rebirth of a danish modern pioneer


Furniture and accesories just reissued  by major companies such as De Padova, Fredericia, Design Within Reach, Stellar Work and Camira, more to come in Milan and New York : 2019 will be Jens Risom year ! Risom was a versatile and successful Danish-American designer and businessman who took USA by storm from the 1940s onwards.


As part of a new vanguard, he was one of the first designers to introduce the modernist aesthetics and values of function and craftsmanship to the United States, he created Hans Knoll Furniture in 1941 with Hans Knoll. He founded Risom Design after Hans met Florence Knoll and became partner to create Knoll International in 1946 and throughout the mid-twentieth century he became an important figure in establishing post-war America’s leadership role in the world of modern furniture design and manufacturing.

Risom 453 Armchair

Risom believed that design should be subtle and not centerstage. He created furniture for the people, often in rustic, natural materials such as solid oak and colored textile upholstery, and for more than 75 years he meticulously practised a certain American version of Danish-Modern. Today, many of his furniture are considered modern classics and examples of Risom’s designs can be seen in leading design museums around the world.


Described by Wallpaper Magazine in 2016 as “America’s last surviving design star from the Mid-century modernist movement”, Jens Risom passed away later the same year, shortly after celebrating his 100th birthday.

DePadova_18 copia

A farewell to a legend, but the Risom legacy lives on through an admirable production of more than 1000 designs, some of which are still in production today and some of which will be available through a range of upcoming re-issues in 2019 onwards.


Jens Risom 2019 re-issues are possible thank’s to FORM, a company dedicated to preserve, protect and promote good design through storytelling and matchmaking, to build on legacies and breathe new life into the legends of our time through the authentic translation of iconic designer portfolios. FORM is guardian and conservator, guiding families and their acquisitions, as well as living designers and their works, along the path of partners to actualization. Form Portfolios presents to the world again, as curators of these archetypal treasures, a gallery of useful and globally appealing design for today.

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