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Teepots plant shelving system

Pot suspendu

Mauro Canfori is launching Teepots, universal decorative shelving units for plants. With Teepots, superimpose, present, hang and showcase any of your pot plants. The 3 models available as of November have been conceived to serve your plants while being universal and discrete. The Italian designer is unveiling these three models as a preview: Mur végétal, Pot suspendu and Tableau vegetal (French for: Botanical wall, Hanging pot and Plant picture). A natural continuation for Mauro Canfori who is passionate about the relationship between plants and architecture and to whom we already owe the collection Teracrea launched in the early 2000s with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Konstantin Gcric, the Campana brothers, etc..

Mur vegetal

Mur vegetal (Botanical wall) : A metallic structure made to easily superimpose 3 pot plants and build a small botanical wall. When multiplying the number of modules side by side the botanical wall transforms itself into an indoor partition wall for an open space or an outdoor trellis for a terrace. 


Pot suspendu (Hanging pot). The Hanging pot is the botanical answer to the iconic Parentesi lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1971. It presents itself as a simple cable upon which the plants slide in order to be fixed at the desired height. Evident and functional, it enables a touch of green to be brought to the center of a room.

Tableau vegetal

Tableau vegetal (Plant picture). This mural edition is made for plant lovers who wish to showcase some of their dwellers by hanging them upon the wall like works of art. It is a more exclusive version of the botanical wall, thought of as a small altar.

Mauro 2

For Mauro Canfori, Teepots is the natural follow up to the Teracrea collection launched in 2002, “At the time, design intervened at best upon the plastic pots which were available. I was convinced that plants deserved other containers and that they could serve other functions, interacting with the interior and the exterior of a building. I paid a visit to young designers I liked with a single brief: I don’t want to see a single pot plant!”. Planetary success was immediate after the designers’ drawings were exhibited at the 2002 Milan furniture fair. Canfori’s passion for both aesthetically pleasing and functional plant systems lead him to work with Edouard François and Patrick Blanc, carrying out together the philosophy of vegetation applied to architecture.

Drawing on the experience and success of Teebooks conceived by Mauro Canfori in 2010, the Teepots series will be sold exclusively online at www.teepots.fr