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L’Atlas for Secret d’Atelier

ATLAS photo HD

Street artist l’Atlas imagine a graphic collection for Secret d’Atelier. This unconventional designer very keen on writing and calligraphy mirrors this particular interest into his work by his own typography, the final goal being to frame a universal language by merging geometric shapes with abstract art. Works as graffiti and painted facades made him widely known ; moreover Jules Dedet Granel gets invited by famous brands and houses such as Perrier, Agnès B. or Maison Guerlain to bring an alternative touch to their collections or stores.

The distinctive and innovative perception of this artist’s typography inspired Secret d’Atelier to associate with him for the design of this brand new parquet collection. Genuinely smart and offbeat, la collection L’Atlas will fit perfectly in an urban interior bringing an arty touch but also in more traditional interiors to which it will add a scent of originality. The exquisite combination of our classic parquet with modern art makes it possible for Secret d’Atelier to create an exotic and bold collection, in perfect harmony with the current trend.