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Alice by Atelier de Troupe


Atelier de Troupe unveiled Alice at the latest New York furniture fair in May. A spectacular lamp available as a chandelier or on a stand, conceived as a tribute to brutalist modular architecture. With this new collection of sensual geometry, Gabriel Abraham, the artistic director and founder of the brand remains faithful to the line of contemporary nostalgia which has been at the heart of Atelier de Troupe’s success since 2011.


The small hand blown glass cubes are sandblasted for a soft diffusion of light and then mounted into a blackened brass wire frame. The simple construction enables a large variety of different models and combinations. Alice has the immediate charm of pieces by Atelier de Troupe: impossible to date, therefore able to slip into any interior be it conceived in the 20thor the 21stcentury.


A perfect balance between craftsmanship and design, tribute and contemporary creation, an art mastered so well by American studios today. Gabriel Abraham is a former film-set designer who summarizes the imaginary décor of the 20thcentury, creating lamps and furniture with an immediately evocative power, from his Los Angeles based studio. Atelier de Troupe conceives modern antiques with timeless charm, diving into the grammar of Bauhaus, of 60s Italian cinema or of French decorative spirit.


ALICE chandelier $14,500.00

W 29in (73.5cm) x D 17.5in (44.5cm) x H 38in (96.5)

ALICE floor lamp $4,800.00

W 5.5in (14cm) x D 5.5in (14cm) x H 47in (120cm)