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Prego_Sam Baron_ENOstudio_2017

From the 20thof September to the 4thof December 2018 the VIA will present a commission of NellyRodi with original scenography by Döppel Studio showcasing a 360° view of motifs and furniture. An exhibition aimed at decrypting the resurgence of patterns, the invasion of floral or geometric forms from clothes to wallpaper, as well as the unavoidable presence of drawing, from materials to the structure of the furniture itself.

I love Paris_Michaâl Cailloux_Notez le bien !_2017

The exhibition presents the motif as an alphabet with which space is built, with which a message is conveyed. The VIA and NellyRodi’s exploration of motifs is delivered under 5 themes: Frenetic Florals, Typo Manifesto, Stunning Sketch, Chromatic Luminescence and Expressive Geometries. 5 creative universes each illustrated with a selection of pieces from the best French contemporary creative studios and editors. Notably, you will find the RoninChair edited by La Chance, the interactive installation Aura Insidegarment by Clara Daguin, the Mursi coffee table by Piergil Fourquié for the Gosserez Gallery, the Copies Originales from studio 5.5or the Cinetism Shelf by Charles Kalpakian for the BSL Galleryas well as others such as Cuir au Carré, Moustache, Ambiance Dressing, Koché, Tarek Benaoum…

Moon_Charles Kalpakian_Galerie BSL _2015

«The motif is «that which sets in motion» lines and thoughts. The word itself evokes both a reason for action as well as the subject of pictorial work, the graphic ornament decorating a frieze or material. The motif is the son of creation » summarizes the Parisian prospective agency. It is a cross-disciplinary lifestyle subject illustrating the break down of borders between the furniture, interior architecture and fashion sectors, thanks to French savoir-faire and the creativity of designers.

Figure Setting_Giada Ganassin_Wendy Andreu_2018 

The walk through the exhibition will be punctuated by a series of innovative materials in partnership with FCBA, the whole of which is set up by Döppel Studio (duo formed by Jonathan Omar and Lionel Dinis-Salazar). It is conceived such as an archipelago inviting the visitor to wander through poetic space. 5 islets, built with raw constructions materials: wooden brackets, polycarbonate slabs, create the patterned display for the selection of objects and furniture and their motifs. « Both visual and referenced, the motif is at the crossway between the trace and the verbal, between the image and the message, between narrative improvisation and dramatization. As such, it establishes itself as an efficient medium, a vector of communication in its own right».

Arroka_Guillaume Delvigne_Versant Edition_2018


20th of September – 4th of December 2018

Galerie VIA

120 Avenue Ledru Rollin

75011 PARIS


Press Day: 20th of September as of 2 pm

Cocktail/Vernissage : 20thof September as of 6 pm

Talk « Exprimez vos motifs » (Express your motifs) : 27thof September at 7:30 pm


instagram : via_innovation

facebook : viadesign.france

 Photos Credit

1- Prego by Sam-Baron for ENO studio (2017)

2- I love Paris by Michaâl Cailloux for Notez le bien (2017)

3- Moon by Charles Kalpakian for Galerie BSL (2015)

4- Figure Setting by Giada Ganassin and Wendy Andreu (2018)

5-  Arroka by Guillaume Delvigne for Versant Edition (2018)