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David Brognon et Stéphanie Rollin “Call (809) 610 – WAIT” untilthen gallery


For their first Parisian solo show, David Brognon Stéphanie Rollin will present « Call (809) 610 – WAIT », a new series of works, at the untilthen gallery as of the 8thof September 2018. Installation, sculpture, photos and straw marquetry embark us upon a peculiar kind of time travel, one where the act of waiting keeps us hanging in a state of limbo. This very subject has become an obsession for both artists. Since 2008 David Brognon and Séphanie Rollin have built an impressive corpus dedicated to time, its measure, its passing, its meanders and dead-ends. “The world is a waiting room. As of our birth we are trapped on a timeline where death is the natural yet unpredictable outcome, give or take a few years. Our daily activities are but a mere artifice aimed at cheating the waiting game. Our works are always a description of this wait between hope, resignation and impatience. Yet, the languor of the wait is also the impassioned state where movement begins. A gestation before the birth of action.”

The title « Call (809) 610 – WAIT » is a reference to the business cards distributed by the New York Line sitters, the new employment invented by Robert Samuelin 2012 which caters to the desires and the impatience of consumers who dream of the new IPhone or a front row seat at the theatre without having the time or the will to cue. Robert Samuel and his Same Ole Line Dudesspend days and nights on New York City’s sidewalks waiting for doors to open. By filling the void of a contemporary need, by their mere physical presence, they have become a new benchmark to measure time.

Invited by David Brognon and Stephanie Rollin, Robert Samuel will measure, in Paris, a wait to which we may all be confronted with one day: assisted death. He will wait in the untilthen gallery round the clock in order to measure, by his presence, a contemporary need that few countries dare to face without hypocrisy: the accompaniment and acceleration of the end of life. « An ultimate and unusual wait in a human life, seeing as the date and time of our departure are the only figures that aren’t usually known. This abnormality creates a scandal, yet this « abnormal » wait has become a relief for many, a relief which we may no longer deny them of ». During the month of September 2018, in Belgium, where the law has set-up the clearest framework for euthanasia, a man or woman will have decided and notified their doctors upon several occasions their desire to no longer live and to shorten their suffering. On the day and at the very second of the patient’s voluntary departure, Robert Samuel will leave the untilthen Gallery.

David Brognon et Stéphanie Rollin

Call (809) 610 – WAIT  

Galerie untilthen


From the 8thof September until the 6thof October

Press ViewFriday 7thof September 10 am to 6 pm.

For its inaugural weekend, Saturday 8thand Sunday 9thof September the gallery will be opened 24hours a day. A snack will be offered to the visitors.


David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin would like to thank Yves de Locht, doctor and author of the book « Docteur vous me rendez ma liberté »  from Robert Laffont publishing, set to appear in September 2018.

A first version of the Line Sitters installation will be inaugurated at the 8thbiennial ofMelle(from June 30thto September 23rd) upon the invitation of Frédéric Legros and Chloé Hipeau-Disko.


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