duendepr.com news Flow collection by Estudio Persona

Flow collection by Estudio Persona


Estudio Persona just unveiled Flow collection at ICFF may 20-23 in New York.  Flow evolved from the natural juxtaposition of how the two designers think about space ans sculptural material in contrast to the soft lines of nature. materialized in both furniture (sofa, stool and table) and lighting (sconce), the collection looks for light in darkness and for softness in harsh steel and glass. Flow is in constant movement, the folding and unfolding of shapes as they grow and evolve into enduring forms and shadows pinpointed by the absence of color.


Estudio Persona, hispanic rock n’roll.  Emiliana Gonzalez, an industrial designer and Jessie Young, a conceptual artist. This Uruguayan duo has been living in Los Angeles since 2014. Their two separate visions of the object happily contend with each other on a daily basis. A discussion flows between functionality and sculpture, product and narrative, in order to create furniture that speaks both to space and to the body. Should an object appeal first to the eye or to the function it holds? This eternal design debate is invited on a daily basis into their Angelino art-district-based studio. It is the foundation from which they draw and produce their collection, inspired by Uruguayan culture, far from the exuberantly colorful Latino cliché.


«Montevideo is a grey and melancholic city, perfectly suited to writers and poets. Our culture is above all rural and European, inherited from our Italian and Spanish forebears. With very British winters! ». The result is a collection of sober colors and natural materials, functional and sculptural lines, telling a tale verging between the brink of the large series and that of the limited edition.


Flow Collection by Estudio Persona