duendepr.com news John Hogan at Triode (Paris)

John Hogan at Triode (Paris)

Iacoli & McAllister collaboration with John Hogan

The American artist and designer John Hogan will be presenting a selection of exclusive new pieces at the Triode gallery as of the 7th of June. Based in Seattle, John Hogan works for one single obsession: glass. His pieces sway between sculpture and functionalism, accentuating the circulation of light within this magical material.


Since 2010, through his personal work and his collaborations with designers such as Ladies & Gentleman, Bec Brittain or Roll & Hill, John Hogan has unfolded a vocabulary of inspired forms, which seem to have landed by accident on earth. Kryptonite rods to recharge Supermen in distress, sensual and eruptive lights, sculptures casually placed like suntraps, John Hogan catches, plays with and diffracts light like no other.


John Hogan

Galerie Triode

28 rue Jacob

7006 Paris

From the 7thof June to the 6thof September

Private View the 7thof June from 6pm