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Delete Yourself by Didier Faustino for XYZ Lounge

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Didier Faustino unveils the Delete Yourself chair at PlusDesign Gallery in Milan as a prefiguration of his XYZ lounge opening in may in Gand (Belgium). XYZ is the first restaurant and lounge’s interior design completed by Didier Faustino with his unique rock n roll and nomadic style. The Delete your self chair will be showcased in a group show at Plus Design Gallery named “U-JOINTS Equations of Universal Lifestyle » with Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec, Pierre Charpin, Konstantin Grcic, Dirk Vander Kooij, Martino Gamper, Jonathan Nesci, Alvar Aalto, Jasper Morrison, Michael Marriott, Adrien Rovero, Tomas Alonso, Brynjar Sigurdarson, Aldo Bakker, Wieki Somers, Enzo Mari…


U-JOINTS is a group exhibition that explores the theme of connections in design by looking at the multifaceted world of joints. The exhibition features all kinds of joints, from the most common to the most innovative, as well as those that have had the greatest influence on contemporary design. More than 50 contemporary designers and industry professionals display new products, prototypes and conceptual pieces – many specially made for the show. In addition, the exhibition features examples of some of the world’s most ingeniously engineered joints; private collections of knots and fasteners; and masterpieces of traditional Japanese and Chinese wooden joinery. The joint comes in every possible size and material: nanoscale or the size of a room; plastic, steel, carbon fibre, wood or wool. A joint might be ingeniously engineered or the result of garage tinkering. Truly multivalent, the joint is a fundamental element in almost any designed object, be it a bridge, a piece of furniture or an everyday product. It is the kind of detail that holds the world together.

Didier Faustino
16-17 april
Plus design gallery
via Archimede 25