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Le Corbusier Parquet by Secret d’Atelier


Secret d’Atelier, the high-end collection of parquet floor of the Compagnie Française du Parquet, is now offering a range based on the iconic pallet of colours conceived by Le Corbusier. Architectural Polychromy is an infinitely combinable range of colours first developed by the French-Swiss architect upon wallpapers in 1931 and further broadened in 1959. 63 shades of colour exist and may be combined as either neutral or intense associations. Today, Secret d’Atelier proposes a collection of 11 colours: Black Ivory, Ruby, Orange, Cerulean Blue 31, Light Grey 59, Light Natural Shadow, Light Grey 31, Dark Grey 59, Light English Green, Vermilion Red 31 and Burnt Sienna 31.


In order to choose, the eye must act as an agile tool serving profound instinct. The task should be made easier for the eye, sterile fatigue (efforts of memory), should be eliminated. Classifications should be made, choices laid-out. The eye must see! Objectively, truly.“ said Le Corbusier. The system elaborated by the master himself is now made available to architects and private individuals by Secret d’Atelier through this exclusive range of high-end varnished parquet floor.

polychromie Le Corbusier

Secret d’Atelier is the only parquet company allowed to produce this remarkable collection of colors. The rigor and precision of its process, the quality of its finishings, the modernity and elegance of its luxury ‘Secret d’Atelier’ parquets convinced the Le Corbusier foundation and Les couleurs Suisse (both guardians of Polychromy) of the merits of this collaboration.


The long-standing experience of the Compagnie Française du Parquet founded in 1958, has made Secret d’Atelier the leading French house for the creation of luxury parquet floor. It associates savoir-faire and innovation in order to produce exclusive ranges and made to measure creations. These products are addressed to both professionals and private individuals who desire innovative and exceptional flooring produced with the highest quality and care. Colours, finishings and cuts are adapted to each project in order to create unique and specific compositions from the finest wood. Secret d’Atelier approaches parquet as a new form of craftsmanship of art, able to renew the possibilities of expression of interior architecture. With Secret d’Atelier, floors acquire a modern sense of glory while art is placed under our feet.