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Mantle chair by Iskos-Berlin for Handvark

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Danish brand Handvark just unveiled the Mantle chair designed by Iskos-Berlin during Maison & Objet fair. Like a mantle thrown over the simple chair frame to make it comfortable, still keeping the print of the person, who just left it… And now it stays waiting for you to host you, to cuddle you. Mantle chair is a perfect design by danish tandem everybody remembers as Komplot design now working with their own names. 

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“Our ambition was to design for Handvärk a very comfortable and inviting chair for residential and contract use – both for dining and meeting situations. With its clear sculptural expression of contrast between the “waving” shell and the strictly geometric minimalistic frame it inherits and brings further the characteristic design language of Handvärk. ” says Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos.

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“Aesthetic sustainability is key to all of our products. In an effort to create furniture that will last a lifetime, we have taken no shortcuts. We work with genuine marble, brass and aniline leather – materials that will only become more beautiful over time. These materials are worked with care and dedication to embody the simplicity and applicability of our design. Design that above all stays true to the Nordic DNA that imbues HANDVÄRK.” synthetizes Emil Thorup, Handvark Founder & Designer.