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Pop table lamps by Bloomboom

Bloomboom Geneviève

The small French production company newcomer Bloomboom unveils its first collection of graphic pop lamps, deliberately going against the trend for brass, wood and marble combinations. Ten fun models are available in bright and simple designs: crisp black and white graphics or plain colours. Create an imaginary and poetic interior garden with this range featuring Forex (expanded PVC) petals hand-sculpted in Paris.

Bloomboom Colors

Designer François-Marie Gérard, and fashion stylist Irma Birka initiated Bloomboom. They decided to join forces to create a think tank with their mutual ideas, desires and know-how to design and produce their first collection of lamps. These are hand-assembled piece-by-piece and petal-by- petal in their Parisian studio on the rooftops of Paris. Suspension lighting will be the next piece of modern craftsmanship to join this initial lighting collection.

Bloomboom Graphic