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Balise Collection by Atelier de Troupe


The Balise collection alone sums up the DNA of Atelier de Troupe: the collision of eras with the passion for 20th century furniture! Balise hybrids the 60s and the irreverence of Jean Royère, with his opal glass globe, hanging from a brass or metallic arm. Graphic and luxurious, Balise is one of the creators best selling objects. It exists as a wall lamp or as a suspended chandelier.


Atelier de Troupe is a creative studio founded in Los Angeles by the former movie set designer Gabriel Abraham. Since 2011, he has summarized the imaginary décor of the 20th century, creating lamps and furniture, beholding an immediately evocative power.  Atelier de Troupe conceives modern antiques with timeless charm, diving into the grammar of Bauhaus, of 60s Italian cinema or of French decorative spirit. Gabriel Abrahams is a lover of stories and of design, he is a conceiver of atmospheres and objects. He creates lamps and furniture in the form of fictional quotes; cinematographic still images, speaking both to our imagination and to our eyes. A brand at the antipode of classic conventions of the market, his Instagram account regularly praises his rivals. A clearly non-competitive, refreshing, and contemporary approach!


Swiss, having grown up in France in Aix-en-Provence, Gabriel Abraham begins his career as a set designer in London and then in the south of France at the Petit Chantier, the movie studios of Marseille, before settling in Los Angeles in 1995. An encounter with Quentin Tarantino sends him onto the film shoot of Snake Eyes, the first Hollywood film by Abel Ferrara. He then begins a career in the American film and advertisement industry, participating in movies such the 2008 Cannes sensation, Los Bastardos by Amat Escalante. Gabriel Abraham soon moves into a Silver Lake building designed by Rudolph Schindler. He begins to make lamps to decorate his minimalist interior and to give to friends as gifts. He creates an inspiration blog, dubbed Atelier, where Commune Design spots pictures of his lamps. In 2010, the hip Angelino studio orders his made to measure lamps for the ACE Hotel Downtown for which they are doing the interior design. Atelier de Troupe is thus born and launched. Why “de Troupe” (French for troops)? It’s a memory from teenage years. In the south of France Gabriel Abraham used to go and listen to the incredible tales and stories told by the Foreign Legion pensioners, firstly, because he adored stories, secondly, because beer and cigarettes weren’t taxed in retirement homes. He would leave the retirement home each week, his head full of stories and his pockets full of the legendary wartime French cigarettes – Gauloises de Troupe.