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Photo Brussels Festival: Portraits by Atelier Relief


As one of the five off-site galleries presented during the second edition of Photo Brussels Festival, taking place from the 17th of November to the 20th of January 2018, Atelier Relief will be exhibiting a selection of photographers specialised in portraiture, overarching theme of this year’s festival. The founder of Atelier Relief, Farid Issa, will transform photographs by Karel Fonteyne, Nagib Chtaib, Ismael Moumin, Serge Leblon andDavid Uzochukwu into 3D images. “Worked on as a flat surface, upon large tables, studied and cut-out, divided into strips, into sections, these portraits take form along their defining lines. The relief instils movement, the image becomes an island, a projection drawing in the eye.” describes Farid Issa.


Since 2015, Atelier Relief is a place where “reliefs”, sculptural variations of an image, are conceived and made. The image ceases to be flat; it changes in volume, into shaped space. The image-relief becomes an object, set with patterns, dressed with materials. Cut-out and reconstructed, the image changes scale: the re-shaped photograph is fixed onto metal, wood or acrylic-glass slates which are then attached to aluminium or brass pegs at a variable distance from the mounting board. The relief becomes respiration. Atelier Relief is a three-fold space, one of creation, production and exhibition.  At the studio (on the 1st floor), the source-photos are chosen, the pieces are imagined and designed by the creative team: the reliefs are conceived and born. After their conception, they then descend to the lower ground floor, the production space. This space is set up into two workshops — one of handling and machinery, the other of assembly — where structures are pierced, cut, sawed, sanded, and built. The skeletons of the final pieces are thus born. The completed pieces then ascend to the ground floor, the gallery space, where Atelier Relief exhibits its work as well as that of its guests: pieces which are always unique, exclusive and hybrid.

from the 17th of November until the 20th of January 2018

Atelier Relief
Rue Vilain XIIII 20
1050 Bruxelles

Photo 1 : David Uzochukwu

Photo 2 : Serge Leblon