duendepr.com news Tribute to Rudolf Schindler by Pamela Shamshiri for the exhibition “Triode goes west”

Tribute to Rudolf Schindler by Pamela Shamshiri for the exhibition “Triode goes west”

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For the parisian exhibition Triode Goes West, Pamela Shamshiri pays tribute to the Austrian architect Rudolph Schindler, a symbolic hallmark of mid-century modern Los Angeles. This is a logical choice, as since 2004 Pamela Shamshiri has also designed with the multidisciplinary studio Commune, several iconic buildings for contemporary Los Angeles like the Ace Hotel Downtown LA, as well as in Palm Springs. The co-founder of Studio Commune is now standing on her own feet to produce top-notch residences and hotels.


She created a cast bronze ceiling light upon invitation by Gabriel Abraham, founder of Atelier de Troupe, to collaborate for the design of a light for the exhibition. This is a throwback to the famous metal fireplaces in the Los Angeles Schindler House, a must for all visitors before leaving the City of Angels.

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Pamela Shamshiri herself lives in a Schindler house, so she has artfully designed two other pieces of furniture in tribute: a trolley and a table lamp that repeat the simple structure and wood used by Schindler when he created bespoke furniture for his clients. Figurehead of modernist Californian architecture: Rudolf Schindler. Arch-rival of Richard Neutra, the other great Austrian architect with whom he relocated first to Chicago to be closer to Frank Lloyd Wright, then to California before becoming his biggest rival, Rudolf Schindler is an architect whose gems are today visited religiously in Los Angeles.

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Beginning with his own house, the Kings Road House or Schindler House was built in 1921 with complete economy of means, as the young architect was at the time cash-strapped. The house is revolutionary in terms of its building method (Schindler moulded the concrete walls himself in situ, directly on the ground in the garden, like an artisanal prefab), and avant-garde in its style of living by offering a communal life (envisaged for him, his wife and friends who were a couple), pioneering a bohemian lifestyle where friends, artists and intellectuals dropped by day and night. It was conceived to be open and protective like a camp with a fireplace in each room and volumes of concrete peppered with wood and opalescent glass. Every resident of Los Angeles and every tourist make at least one modernist pilgrimage to the Kings Road, a stone’s throw from Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.


Triode Goes West

Galerie Triode

Until 30th november 2017

28 rue Jacob

75006 Paris