duendepr.com news Californian homage to the Vase d’Avril at Please Do Not Enter (Los Angeles)

Californian homage to the Vase d’Avril at Please Do Not Enter (Los Angeles)

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Following Paris and Tokyo, its Los Angeles’ turn to celebrate the anniversary of the Vase d’Avril at Please Do Not Enter, as of the 25th of July. Two exceptional tribute pieces, signed by the architects Ball & Nogues and the designer Eddy Sykes, offer an Angeleno remake of the iconic vase of Tsé & Tsé, celebrating its 25 years of success. New fashion, design and art venue, situated in burgeoning Downtown LA, Please Do Not Enter is a concept store at the heart of LA’s cutting edge district. Founded in 2014 by Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird, the store has rapidly become a key venue for amateurs searching for exclusive pieces. Garnering attention as soon as they opened with the remarquable open-air intervention by Vincent Lamouroux, completely whitewashing a disused Silver Lake motel. (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign) Ever since, Please Do Not Enter has regularly created a buzz with its high standard editorial line.

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A Californian homage following a logical course as it was Max Field, the major 1990’s American concept store, who 25 years ago was the first to give a chance to the Vase d’Avril outside of France. Today Eddy Sykes who’s playful and precious design was first noticed in France through Kolkhoze.fr, draws a stylized silicone assemble vase, whereas Ball & Nogues, used to monumental installations verging between public art and architecture, deliver a radical aluminum revision of the vase. Two special edition series sold along side the two anniversary versions, which have already made their appearance this spring in Paris at Merci.

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In 25 years, Tsé & Tsé established the grounds for a Parisian style which has now become a must-have in Tokyo, New York or Los Angeles. No normal person born after 1965 will go without their Vaisselle Affamée, their Vase d’Avril, their Paresseux or their Guirlande Cubiste. These aesthetics fashioned the daily lives of the 90s and 2000s. Drawn by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy in 1991, the Vase d’Avril is like a UFO, made of 21 tubes, inspired by the Japonese ikebana. This geometrically variable vase singles out each flower giving them each their own showcase. The metallic pieces assemble and fit together offering an infinitude of positions and flexibility. The vase stretches and retracts as you wish. It was an immediate success in France, in the United States and in Japan before becoming part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou in 1997. The Vase d’Avril, marker of its time, has become a classic.

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The Vase d’Avril celebrates its 25 years

at Please Do Not Enter
Opening night the 25th of July 2017 from 6pm

549 S. Olive Street

Los Angeles 90013