duendepr.com news Mathias Kiss, Brognon & Rollin and Ionna Vautrin for Atelier Relief

Mathias Kiss, Brognon & Rollin and Ionna Vautrin for Atelier Relief


New place for art and design, Atelier Relief invited Mathias Kiss, David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin and Ionna Vautrin (Tryptich mirror above) to share their vison of relief at the occasion of Art Brussels last week. Founded in Brussels by Farid Issa and Thomas Erber in 2015, Atelier Relief is a triple space, a place for creating, producing and exhibiting, where reliefs, sculptural variations of an image are conceived and produced. Images and volumes are per- manently moving back and forth at the Atelier. The image stops being a flat object, changes into a volume, a shaped space. The material diffracted into a volume, ins- talled on a wall, is presented like a painting. An innovative and unusual format that draws artists, photographers and designers in like a decisive breath. 

Mathias Kiss ‘Grand Antique’ (2017)


Mathias Kiss continues his research into confusing matters, visual deception and going against the grain with Grand Antique. Quartz-like relief, the artist’s recurring hallmark (in mirror or metal) is presented here in marble, false marble of course. Traditional stucco savoir-faire is therefore implemented against type, on a surface that no longer makes sense in terms of visual deception, yet it stimulates new plastic sensations.


Ionna Vautrin ‘Triptych’ (2017)


Ionna Vautrin plays with the aesthetic codes of advertising and brings the town to the heart of the house with Triptych. Mirror uses a display system with rotating slats seen on certain urban billboards. The designer appropriates the primary function in favour of reflection. The viewer becomes the image, advertising themselves, whatever the side of the mirror.

David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin ‘The Throwing of Multi-Coloured Confetti and Particularly Confetti Gathered from the Ground is Strictly Forbidden’ (2017)


Placed on a stainless steel surface, a perfect black line is interrupted by an indistinct video clip that peters out, disappears and fights to continue it. This part of a line of confetti/pixels is in another dimension, a dimension in which artists operate, embarking on a relentless battle to align reality and its fictional complement. Is it then a matter of setting this line back on its initial course or else pursuing a fantasy ideal? ‘There is scarcely any passion without struggle,’ Camus professed about Sisyphus, the very last absurd hero according to him, therefore the very last radically necessary hero.


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