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Orbit by Jean-Marie Massaud for NEMO

Orbit table _ Jean-Marie Massaud

‘When I work on a project, there is always an attempt to revitalise the subject in which I’m involved.’ With Orbit, Jean-Marie Massaud creates for NEMO an essential synthesis of lighting system in 2017: a ‘lampshade/source of light’ ring situated in space to provide a directional, diffuse and warm light.

Orbit sospensione _ Jean-Marie Massaud

Orbit is available as a table and a pendant lamp. It has a single diffuser and is inspired by mashrabiyas consisting of a hundred or so polycarbonate micro-rods assembled to form a latticework. Nemo developed this innovation specifically. Like many delicate micro-LEDs each point projects and diffuses the light. ‘The light becomes alive; a bright halo perched on a radically designed stand giving it a sculptural and timeless value. I wanted to remove any trace of effort, to design a graphic and architectural object combining the lampshade and source of light. In my opinion, good contract lighting is lighting that you would also want to have at home,’ summarises the French designer.

Orbit sospensione _ Jean-Marie Massaud_detail

The structure of Orbit is aluminium with a slate finish. Its pendant version is modular and can be customised. The suspended ring can be used in its basic graphic and minimalist configuration. Alternatively it can be accessorised by different ‘skirts’ in straw braid, paper or a thin sheet of wood to create a warm volume in space permeated by the LEDs.

Orbit sospensione small _ Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris in 1990 and has worked on a wide range of projects from architecture to objects, single pieces to industrial series and macro environments to micro contexts. His pursuit of lightness – in terms of essence – summarises three issues on a larger scale: collective and individual fulfilment, economic and industrial efficiency and environmental concern. ‘I try to find an honest and generous path between hard economic data and users’. Whether speculative or pragmatic, his proposals explore this now imperative paradigm: to reconcile pleasure and responsibility, on an individual level and in a collective sphere.

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Orbit by Jean-Marie Massaud for NEMO