duendepr.com news Jakob+MacFarlane : Augmented reality for «Augmenting the invisible» Aedes Berlin

Jakob+MacFarlane : Augmented reality for «Augmenting the invisible» Aedes Berlin

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Jakob + MacFarlane presents 8 projects in augmented reality on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Augmenting the invisible’ at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin from the first of April until the 18th of May 2017. Augmented models are used by the studio to describe the process by which each project was conceived . To also experience these models, download the Jakob + MacFarlane (J+M) application on the app store (enter Jakob + MacFarlane in the search section). A preview is available on instagram, @jakobmacfarlane and on facebook page Jakobmacfarlane. A catalog ‘Augmenting the invisible’ is available which includes the markers needed to use the app. You can have a look to the video demo here .

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The work of Jakob + MacFarlane is precisely located at the intersection of a prospective vision and an experienced vision. It is at the same time, both a dialogue between the physical experience and the digital world, an invitation to a permanent conversation about this relationship. The exhibition hosts the first retrospective on the work of Jakob + MacFarlane in Germany. The multidisciplinary and multicultural studio, founded by Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane in 1997, is one of the most experimental studios established in Paris, France. The projects exhibited are the results of their unique process in architecture, through which the studio has developed the exploration of digital technologies, both as a design tool and as means of production: a particular and individual vision that redefines the context into which it is inserted.

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By mixing the means of normative and augmented representations, ‘Augmenting the Invisible’ presents 8 projects characteristic of the impressive studio of Jakob + MacFarlane: The Restaurant Georges at Center Pompidou, Paris (2000), The Docks of Paris – City of Fashion and Design Paris (2008), Les Turbulences FRAC Center Orléans (2013), the Orange Cube – Lyon (2010), the Green Cube Euronews – Lyon (2014), Connected House – Boulogne (2016), Herold Housing – Paris (2008), The Conservatory of Music and Dance – Noisy le Sec (2017) and the perfume shop Frédéric Malle, Paris (2016).

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Jakob + MacFarlane “Augmenting the invisible”

Download the app on  Apple store

Preview Instagram @jakobmacfarlane

And www.jakobmacfarlane.com.

Aedes Architecture Forum

Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin

Exhibition : 1 April – 18 May 2017

Hours : Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 6:30 pm, Sunday – Monday 1 – 5 pm

The exhibition is made possible by the generous support of :

Cardinal, Citynox, Serge Ferrari, Knauf
We thank the Aedes partners for their support:

Zumtobel, Schindler/The PORT Technology, Carpet Concept