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Mathias Kiss, Rollin & Brognon and Ionna Vautrin for Atelier Relief

Atelier Relief presents 3 exclusive pieces by Mathias Kiss, Rollin & Brognon and Ionna Vautrin during Art Brussels from 19 April to 13 May. This is a group exhibition proposing three variations with image, material and function in relief as the theme. A specific selection of visual art bringing together contemporary artists, a designer and a troublemaker clouding the boundaries between art and design.
Interior designer and artist Mathias Kiss has been right on the dividing line between decorative art and contemporary art since 2002. This former Compagnon (member of organisation of craftsmen and artisans) reflects on the rules regarding past and future housing with timeless stylistic references. Atelier Relief provides his artisanal expertise and experiments with material (mirror, gold, mouldings, etc.) with a natural playground. On this occasion he uses marble as a material for trompe l’œil.
The artist duo Rollin & Brognon renowned for its audacious conceptual work on fringes, boundaries and subjective temporality focuses here on pixels as the raw material. Stéphanie Rollin and David Brognon intermingle video and material, film and reality in a temporal loop. This is radically new ground for Atelier Relief.
French designer Ionna Vautrin is one of the most talented of her generation. She designs objects, furniture and a contemporary Kamasutra with the same communicative jubilation. Her practice perpetually journeys between the second and third dimension. For Atelier Relief, she proposes a functional mirror game between industrial design and artisanal expertise.
Founded in Brussels by Farid Issa and Thomas Erber in 2015, Atelier Relief is a triple space, a place for creating, producing and exhibiting, where reliefs, sculptural variations of an image are conceived and produced. Images and volumes are permanently moving back and forth at the Atelier. The image stops being a flat object, changes into a volume, a shaped space. The material diffracted into a volume, installed on a wall, is presented like a painting. An innovative and unusual format that draws artists, photographers and designers in like a decisive breath.
After 15 years spent at Les Compagnons, Mathias Kiss started working on the absence of right angles in reaction to the rules and diktats imposed when he started out. His unique sculptural work, feted by the international press (Design Awards Wallpaper in 2013) is represented in Paris by the galleries Armel Soyer and Next Level. His magnetic power earns him regular invitations from major events and brands such as PAD and Hermès.
The intriguing and societal visual work of David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin was awarded the Best Solo Show Art Brussels in 2013. Finalists of the Prix Ricard (2015), they are represented by Galerie Albert Baronian (Brussels). They had their first monograph at the FRAC Poitou Charentes in 2014.
Ionna Vautrin collaborates with the largest industrial groups (SNCF, JC Decaux) and prestigious publishing houses specialising in furniture. She is responsible for the small best selling Binic lamp with Foscarini. She has just published Kamasutra, a collection of erotic and amusing drawings with Flammarion.
Mathias Kiss, Rollin & Brognon and Ionna Vautrin for Atelier Relief
from 19 April to 13 May 2017
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